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ThreatMetrix profiles user devices to identity anomalies, tampering, malware and associations with actual users. Our unique technologies provide context and depth that is simply not available with other solutions.


Simplify protection for sophisticated mobile platforms

ThreatMetrix Mobile enables legitimate mobile users to connect easily and securely to your mobile channel while identifying mobile device fraud and devices with potential security risks. Our solution integrates with your mobile applications to uniquely identify each connecting mobile device and analyze installed apps for threats that can compromise the device and perpetrate crime. Our Mobile solution comprises of the following six major feature groupings.

  • Location Services
  • Device Identification
  • Malware Detection
  • Anomaly and Device Spoofing Detection
  • Jailbreak and Root Detection
  • Application Integrity Evaluation


Leverage a new type of cloud-based defense against fraud, malware and data breaches

ThreatMetrix Web is an ideal solution to protect data and transactions against potential threats from a wide range of client devices such as home computers, notebooks, tablets and mobile device fraud . Our client-less technology detects anomalies and potential threats between the device and your website. Our Web solution comprises of the following four major feature groupings.

  • Honeypot Technology
  • Webpage Fingerprinting
  • Device Identification
  • Location Identification


Mitigate against end user computers that compromise authenticated sessions to steal data, identities or money

ThreatMetrix Endpoint is designed to secure the weakest link in security: the end user computer where unknown threats may be lurking. It identifies malware, verifies legitimate websites and validates computer security health status to ensure connecting devices meet a minimum security baseline. This small client component, installed on end user computers, adds another layer to fraud prevention and data security measures. Our Endpoint solution comprises of the following two major feature groupings.

  • Secure Browsing
  • Compliance Check
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