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1,600 Plus Security Strategy and Business Leaders to See ThreatMetrix Solutions at Gartner Summit

By ThreatMetrix
ThreatMetrix®, The Digital Identity Company®, is the market-leading cloud solution for authenticating digital personas and transactions on the Internet. Verifying more than 20 billion annual transactions supporting 30,000 websites and 4,000 customers globally through the ThreatMetrix Digital Identity Network®, ThreatMetrix secures businesses and end users against account takeover, payment fraud and fraudulent account registrations resulting from malware and data breaches.
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ThreatMetrix to exhibit context-based security solutions at Gartner Security and Risk Management Summit 2014 June 23-26 National Harbor, MD

By 2016, according to Gartner, more than 30 percent of enterprises will use contextual authentication to verify members of their workforce who work remotely. ThreatMetrix, whose Global Trust Intelligence Network provides enterprises with real-time intelligence for differentiating between authorized and fraudulent users, will be at booth 1010 offering attendees the opportunity to learn about the company’s innovative context-based authentication solutions.

Bert Rankin, chief marketing officer, ThreatMetrix

“Traditionally, the response to failed sign-on attempts in the enterprise has been to add complex and expensive step-up authentication processes to verify users, such as adding tokens or SMS out-of-band authentication ,” said Bert Rankin, chief marketing officer, ThreatMetrix. “This adds complexity and cost without necessarily protecting against password sharing or the use of stolen credentials. At the Gartner Summit, attendees will learn about ThreatMetrix’s context-based authentication capabilities, which offer all users secure, cost effective and frictionless access through real-time behavior and contextual analytics.”

What the Summit is all about

At the Gartner Summit, 1600 plus security strategies and business leaders and more than 50 Gartner analysts will present research and offer their insights on topics such as workforce access, bring-your-own-device (BYOD) and identity management.

The goal of the summit is to give attendees an awareness of the full spectrum of emerging trends in security and risk management. To that end, attendees will be able to hear special guest speakers, and attend problem-solving workshops and roundtable forums. And, they’ll be able to visit exhibition booths to learn from industry experts.

Integrating Ping Identity with ThreatMetrix

Integrating Ping Identity’s PingFederate identity bridge with ThreatMetrix solutions leverages context-based authentication and single sign-on, enabling enterprises to deliver transparent and frictionless access to their business portals. This boosts productivity and security for all users.

Context-based authentication and advanced fraud prevention from ThreatMetrix

  • Secure Workforce Access and Insider Threat Protection: Detects and prevents identity takeover and IP theft, enabling enterprises to safely extend access to partners and consultants and embrace emerging trends such BYOD without having to sacrifice security or productivity.
  • Payment Fraud Prevention: Provides businesses with a comprehensive visitor assessment, built on ThreatMetrix® Global Trust Intelligence Network (The Network). It employs a sophisticated process to screen out cybercriminals while offering customers and employees frictionless access to mission critical applications.
  • Account Takeover Detection: ThreatMetrix’s user screening process includes analyzing every user sign-on and comparing device, behavior and identity data across The Network to identify and report anomalies. As a result, enterprises can be assured that user accounts have not been compromised.

For more information, visit ThreatMetrix at booth 1010 at the Gartner Security and Risk Management Summit 2014.

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