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Now Available! The ThreatMetrix Spring 2014 Extension to ThreatMetrix’s TrustDefender Cybercrime Protection Platform — Greatly Improves Telling the Difference between Users You Can Trust and Cybercriminals.

By ThreatMetrix
ThreatMetrix®, The Digital Identity Company®, is the market-leading cloud solution for authenticating digital personas and transactions on the Internet. Verifying more than 20 billion annual transactions supporting 30,000 websites and 4,000 customers globally through the ThreatMetrix Digital Identity Network®, ThreatMetrix secures businesses and end users against account takeover, payment fraud and fraudulent account registrations resulting from malware and data breaches.
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Immediately available, the ThreatMetrix® Spring 2014 Release is an extension of ThreatMetrix’s Platform that delivers enhanced data collection and real-time trust analytics for improving the process of differentiating between trusted users and cyberthreats.

This next generation in shared global intelligence enhances the recognition of devices, identities and behaviors across the ThreatMetrix Digital Identity Network. And new capabilities offered by the Spring 2014 release add to the types of data that are collected and analyzed for creating an online persona.

“With most of today’s end users conducting business transactions online, cybercrime prevention is all about differentiating between trusted identities and potential fraudsters,” said Mustafa Rassiwala, senior director of product management, ThreatMetrix. “The Network delivers real-time intelligence that’s not available in other solutions, providing customers with consistent risk assessments of data across a global network and creating a digital persona of users by mapping their online personas and devices.”

The Spring 2014 Release enhances ThreatMetrix’s context-based security and advanced fraud prevention solutions through:

• Endpoint Intelligence – Advanced endpoint intelligence enables businesses to detect returning, authentic customers and flag identity and device anomalies indicating malicious behavior. Specifically, enhancements include:

o Next-generation true IP address detection when customers use proxies. This provides a complementary solution to existing proxy-piercing technology.

o Improved font detection for more accurate device identification.

o ThreatMetrix SmartID™ upgrade to enable additional attributes to be integrated into cookieless device ID analysis.

o IP geo upgrade offering more precise, granular geolocation.

o ThreatMetrix TrustDefender™ Client upgrades offering the power of a dedicated endpoint protection client to real-time cybercrime prevention. Using TrustDefender Client, customers are able to create security posture rules with an added protective layer, to their existing rules. Therefore, it’s possible to examine the status of security such as the presence or absence of security software. Additionally, the rules can examine the strength of the password used to authenticate the user on the device and presence of malware, adware, spyware and more.

• Behavior Intelligence – Various contextual factors come together to uniquely identify each identity and ThreatMetrix leverages cross-correlation and analytics across contextual factors to provide better indicators of malicious actions. The Spring 2014 Release enables ThreatMetrix™ Trust Tags to be dynamically updated with values derived from attributes as part of the transaction. For example, a user’s identity can now be tagged with his or her mobile phone number when he or she successfully completes authentication via a mobile phone.

• Trust Analytics – Leveraging global trust analytics, ThreatMetrix examines every transaction across a consistent set of ThreatMetrix-defined identity authentication rules in addition to individual enterprise-defined rules. Analyzing over 500 million transactions a month using a consistent set of rules enables ThreatMetrix to benchmark, baseline and detect long-term trends for fraudulent activities such as identity spoofing, device spoofing, IP address/geolocation spoofing and the presence of malware (man-in-the-browser) attacks. ThreatMetrix can now provide unprecedented analytics to enterprises and improve their identity authentication policies by comparing them against global benchmarks derived from peers in their industry, the size and scale of the enterprise, geographic location and more.

“The ThreatMetrix solution is much more effective than traditional recognition capabilities because it leverages billions of data points from The Network, sharing anonymized information across business boundaries to identify patterns for authentic returning customers and cybercriminals,” said Rassiwala. “Overall, the next-generation solution from ThreatMetrix will effectively reduce friction for returning customers while keeping cybercriminals out in real time.”

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