Digital Identity Summit 2016: Selected Highlights

Posted September 29, 2016

Digital Identity Summit 2016: Selected Highlights

Former NSA chief Keith Alexander and Executives with eBay, Netflix & Visa Help Lead Discussions on the Future of CyberSecurity and Business Without Borders

This year’s Digital Identity Summit is happening at a uniquely momentous time for the cybersecurity industry. As never before, the issues that keep us up at night, from malicious hackers and the dark web to online fraud and identity theft, have also galvanized the general public, with the latest news regularly ranking top coverage in both the business and political press. There is no better time, we believe, for all of us to come together and discuss the future of cybersecurity and how it impacts doing online business across borders — both for our industry and the public at large. Just as key: preventing fraud and improving security without adding negative frictions to the customer experience.

To drive and shape this conversation, we are very honored to welcome a diverse range of speakers who are already influencing this future through their work:

Addressing Cyber Threats in the International Environment: General (Ret.) Keith Alexander was the first commander of U.S. Cyber Command, and confronted major controversies including the Snowden NSA revelations, during his tenure. General Alexander will lay out what’s on the horizon of cyber threats in our future, and propose solutions we can implement now, to help preempt them.

How Digital Identities Positively Impact Topline Revenues: Reed Taussig, ThreatMetrix CEO, and Jason Rohloff, Chief Risk Officer with OFX, explain why trusted digital identities are crucial to the bottom line of online business — and back up their case with hard data which proves just how much trust translates into profit.

Multi-National Business Without Borders: A panel of security experts from eBay, Javelin, Netflix, Visa, and Yandex discuss their best practices for fraud prevention and threat detection in a way that strengthens their companies’ online presence while also building up their international, cross-border business.

The Sophistication and Evolution of Fraud Prevention: This in-depth panel highlights how major companies and countries battle cyberfraud, as explained by five executives on the front lines: Kathryn Petralia (Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder of Kabbage, Inc.), Rachel Dixon (head of Identity at the Digital Transformation Office of the Australian government), Deborah Wood (Head of Fraud Risk Management for OFX), Maria G. Casillas (President and Chief Compliance Officer at Times of Money), and our own Vanita Pandey (VP of strategy and product marketing at ThreatMetrix, recently profiled in the Huffington Post).

Architecting the Future of Digital Identity: Andreas Baumhof, an internationally renowned cybersecurity expert and our technology lead at ThreatMetrix, presents a new vision for proactively preventing cyber threats in the coming years.

To amplify all their insights to the industry and public at large, we will be covering these keynotes and panels on social media: Follow us on Facebook for live video interviewing during the Summit, and follow us on Twitter for live updates from Summit keynotes and panels. Following the Summit, we plan on featuring selected talks and interviews on our YouTube page.

More Summit updates coming soon!

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