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Know What IT Security Execs Really Care About?

By ThreatMetrix
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New Poll: 78 Percent Anxious about Breaches. 63 Percent Fear Negative Publicity. Less than 10 Percent Worry about Sales or Stock Prices.

A poll of senior corporate security leaders by Courion, an identity access management vendor, reveals some startling insights into how they view their jobs and responsibilities and how they view the jobs and responsibilities of others in the organization.

The following, which has been edited to fit our format, comes from Tony Kontzer’s piece on You may find his complete article by clicking on this link.

1. State of Worry: 78 percent of IT security leaders surveyed said they feel anxious about the potential for breaches.

2. Company Comes First: While 63 percent of security execs fear negative publicity above all, just 1 percent fear personal embarrassment.

3. But Co-Workers Do Not: More than three times as many respondents worry about getting fired (7 percent) than worry about others losing their jobs (2 percent) over a security breach.

4. Lukewarm Concern for Bottom Line: Less than 10 percent of respondents are most fearful of how breaches affect sales, and less than 3 percent worry most about the company’s stock price.

5. The Customer Really Does Come First: When addressing a breach, 59 percent said protecting customer privacy should be the primary goal, while only 3 percent favor protecting employees

6. The Brand Is the Company: Protecting a company’s brand integrity during a breach response is the top goal of 28 percent of respondents

7. Education and Communication: Nearly half of respondents said that educating users more effectively and getting better at communicating and enforcing company policies are top security priorities for 2014.

8. Managing Access: Two in five respondents said their top security priority for 2014 is to improve management of user access, external threats and third-party access

9. Leadership Lapse: 95 percent said their security teams assign a great deal of seriousness to breaches, but they’re not so “bullish” on executive management, boards of directors and departmental managers.

10. Lackadaisical Employees: More respondents believe customers (58 percent) assign more seriousness to breaches than employees (45 percent) do.

11. Little Faith in Legislators: 60 percent believe law enforcement officials assign a great deal of seriousness to breaches, but they have much less faith in federal (34 percent) and state (29 percent) politicians.

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