Mind Your Own Business: DIY Privacy

Posted January 12, 2015

Consumer Electronics Show Featuring Connectivity Products Has a Disconnect Side as Privacy-Focused Manufacturers Show Wares

With identity thefts, hacks and data breaches skyrocketing, a growing number of consumers don’t trust companies to protect their personal information and have begun taking security matters into their own hands, i.e., Do-It-Yourself privacy. That’s most evident at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) where, for the first time, exhibitors of privacy-focused products have their own area. It’s a part of the show where privacy, rather than connectivity, is the major selling point.

Flocking to see these privacy products are “a steady stream of people, young and old, who want to know how [to] reconcile their love of gadgetry with the desire to keep some things to themselves,” writes Hayley Tsukayama on washingtonpost.com. The following has been excerpted from her story and edited to fit our format.

If celebrities can be hacked…

Vysk, which makes encryption software and cases that let you slide a cover over your cameras when you’re not using them, has seen a uptick in interest since hackers breached celebrity iCloud accounts and posted personal pictures from those accounts online.

A demographic change

PIA, which sells a service to let people set up their own private networks, has also seen a change in its customers over the past few years, said employee Joseph Craig. In the past, most of the company’s customers had been young men — now they’re seeing a broader base of customers — women and older adults — sign up for their private networks.

What do you get for someone with an iPhone 6?

Peeled Group makes a line of wallets and cases called Silent Pocket, which blocks radio waves by essentially creating a stylish tinfoil hat for your phone. The slim leather cases are lined with a special sort of foil that blocks cellular, Bluetooth, WiFi and just about everything else, so you can’t get any calls or messages while your phone’s in the bag. [Aaron Zar, chief executive and founder of Peeled Group] said that the cases are popular not only for those times when you don’t want to be tracked, but also when you just want to take a moment to disconnect.



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