CMO Q&A: Becoming the Decision Engine For Seamless, Digital Business

Posted July 12, 2017

CMO Q&A: Becoming the Decision Engine For Seamless, Digital Business

Changes are afoot at ThreatMetrix. Can you tell us about them?

The rate of technological change is altering business forever. Companies such as ThreatMetrix who are at the forefront of that innovation need to stay forward-thinking to remain relevant and most effectively fight the good fight against cybercrime.

For that reason, we recently engaged an external agency partner to go out to customers, partners and analysts to understand how we were really seen in the marketplace, how we compared with competitors, and how we can better communicate what we are all about.

What did you discover during this exercise?

This company has its roots as a threat detection company – the name is a giveaway after all! However, in today’s digital economy, threat detection is merely a means to an end; part of something bigger. It is one important element needed to develop trusted digital identities, which are key to a secure, unified digital economy.

This external analysis confirmed our differentiation from the entire marketplace. Our digital identity solutions, which are based on global shared intelligence, are enabling businesses to win in the digital economy. Every business is transforming digitally, and every business desperately needs the right tools to win profitably. We enable that transformation and that success.

How has the ThreatMetrix story evolved?

Our story is simple, but powerful. We are the decision engine for seamless digital business. We allow you to thrive in today’s economy by securing transactions in an invisible and frictionless way — driving profit for your business.

How would you define your category?

ThreatMetrix is in a category of one.

No other company has what we have – the Digital Identity Network, which is the only end-to-end platform for making smarter identity decisions in real time. And no one can do what we can do – analyze millions of global transactions almost instantaneously to establish trusted digital identities with a 95-percent customer recognition rate.

Telling our story

Along with our new anthem video, one of the most public expressions of our brand story is our new website.

In the past 16 months, we’ve seen a tsunami of cybercrime threats escalate and take on new forms. And, our core business is now focused on the notion of digital identity as an enterprise approach to developing trust decisions, and using digital identities for a brand-safe environment. No one else has anything near the size and scope of our Digital Identity Network. We hope to communicate that with our new branding, with part of it unfolding on our website.

The new website allows visitors to easily navigate the ways that we help different industries and different roles within an organization. It also gives you access to a wealth of assets that are a mix of industry thought-leadership and product deep-dives.

Our company has a very promising future and a great story to tell, and I’m excited to share it with everyone.

Armen Najarian

Armen Najarian

Former Chief Marketing Officer, ThreatMetrix

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