ThreatMetrix ID: A Game Changer for the Digital Economy

Posted September 19, 2017

ThreatMetrix ID: A Game Changer for the Digital Economy

As your business traverses through the digital economy, you will be presented with compelling new revenue streams and customer engagement opportunities. But the ever-increasing presence and sophistication of cybercrime necessitates a better way of authenticating customers.

At ThreatMetrix, we believe we have finally cracked the code for customer identity in our anonymous online world. ThreatMetrix IDTM is a revolutionary advancement for our industry and the culmination of nine years of leading-edge work and investment by ThreatMetrix.

We have long believed that what digital businesses and the entire digital economy need most in customer authentication is the marriage of data spanning the offline and online worlds – derived from multiple, related personas – into a single, anonymized user identity.

And that is what we have delivered.

ThreatMetrix ID is the world’s first and only global digital ID, and ushers in a new era of trust and identity in the digital economy. And, the vast benefits of this innovative technology can be realized by digital businesses throughout the globe.

Businesses can confidently expand their reach to global customers and markets previously off limits due to the increased threat of fraud. Even thin file customers are no longer out of bounds.

Acceptance rates will rise and fraud losses will decline — all while seeing increased privacy protection and regulatory compliance. And, that frictionless experience demanded by customers can be realized as the need for step-up authentication is dramatically reduced.

Our groundbreaking ThreatMetrix ID provides a unique, anonymized identifier for every recognized user in our Digital Identity Network®. It delivers a visual representation of all the attributes that make up a digital identity. And, it provides your businesses with a confidence score on the veracity of that Digital ID, empowering you to make accurate decisions about users and transactions.

This major industry breakthrough extends online identification beyond just the device to the entire user identity, providing a much more accurate picture for fraud and risk professionals.

How Did We Do It?

By analyzing transactions containing one or more of the same pieces of anonymized data, we are able to see the complex relationships that form between these transactions and how they helped build a unique user profile.

The powerful ThreatMetrix ID technology enables us to bridge data elements spanning the online and offline worlds, including devices, user names, email addresses, ship-to addresses, payment card information, and more.

These entities, and the relationships between these entities, are amassed through the ThreatMetrix Digital Identity Network, which processes more than 75 million daily transactions from 40,000 websites and mobile apps around the world.

From its inception, the ThreatMetrix Digital Identity Network was built upon tokenized, encrypted identity attributes that cannot be reversed into personally identifiable information. And, now we are uniting all of those attributes together to enable seamless digital business globally.

Our ongoing data science and machine learning investments in the Digital Identity Graph empowered us to connect these disparate attributes and express them as one unique identifier. And, in doing so, we have also ensured 100-percent anonymity with the identifiers and underlying data attributes.

Our achievement with ThreatMetrix ID builds upon the market success we have already realized in risk-based authentication as well as recent advances in strong authentication.

ThreatMetrix ID is comprehensive, universal, insightful and secure; and is the latest innovation that we are proud to share with everyone.

It is how ThreatMetrix drives the secure digital economy.

ThreatMetrix Team

ThreatMetrix Team

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