Top 5 Reasons to Vote ThreatMetrix for the MRC People’s Choice Technology Award!

Posted February 14, 2017

Top 5 Reasons to Vote ThreatMetrix for the MRC People’s Choice Technology Award!

Ok, so we’re biased. But here at ThreatMetrix, we think there are countless reasons to give us your vote for the MRC People’s Choice Technology Award. Here are just our top five favorites:

  1. Our digital authentication hit rate beats other authentication methods hand’s down

It’s not even close, actually. We’ve got the largest network of anonymized digital identities in the world—over 1.4 billion and counting—all with rich, real time behavioral histories. With tens of millions of daily transactions flowing through our network, our Digital Identity Intelligence helps merchants stop crooks instead of customers—instantly.

  1. We dropkick step-ups and challenge questions

Embed our multi-layered protection into your sites and apps, and instantly recognize trusted customers while blocking out bad guys. No more step-ups or challenge questions. And just wait till you see what it does for your abandonment rates.

  1. Our solution eats device-and-location based fraud solutions for lunch

A little extra fiber never hurt anyone. And neither does digging deeper to identify potentially fraudulent transactions. That’s why our SaaS-based solution drills into all of a user’s multiple devices, email addresses, card numbers, historical behavior and many other attributes and associations, as well as the TCP/IP, VPNs more to kick bad actors off your website fast.

  1. Nobody crushes chargebacks better

Ready to push your chargeback rates to 0.5% or lower? Some of our clients do—while also reducing false positives, cutting the need for manual review by up to 40% to 60%, and boosting conversions to 98.5% and up.

  1. We’re kind of a big deal

But hey, don’t take it from us—just listen to our customers:

“I think it is quite unique for a company the size of Netflix to be able to rely on a single fraud and security solution like this. It allows us to quickly identify problems without having to hire a large fraud team.” —Garrett Goth, Netflix

“The objective of VCAS [Visa Consumer Authentication Service] was to eliminate friction and improve user experience. By using Digital Identities we can provide a more streamlined authorization process, improving overall card usage while reducing fraud.”—Mark Nelsen, SVP, Risk Products, Visa Inc.

“We integrated ThreatMetrix 4 years ago. Since then we’ve consistently managed to maintain a low chargeback rate and high conversion despite what fraudsters throw at us.”Matthew Davies, Badoo

“We look forward to each product release because it’s like Christmas for us. Every enhancement gives us an additional layer of complexity to make better fraud decisions.”—Hany Razi,

Vote ThreatMetrix for the MRC Technology Award by March 10 at:

LexisNexis Risk Solutions | ThreatMetrix

LexisNexis Risk Solutions | ThreatMetrix

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