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Newest ThreatMetrix Patent Pushes the Envelope in Context-Based Security and Fraud Prevention

By ThreatMetrix
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Patent expands fuzzy matching technology beyond network and device attributes. Now includes account details, transaction details and more.

The new patent is U.S. Patent 8,782,783: “Method and System for Tracking Machines on a Network Using Fuzzy GUID (Globaly Unique Identifier) Technology.” This is a continuation of a previous patent that provides the cornerstone technology for ThreatMetrix industry leading cookieless device identification and global device recognition. The new patent expands ThreatMetrix global identification technology beyond network and device attributes to include broader attributes such as account, identity and transaction details to build a complete picture of an online persona. The unique fuzzy matching capability of the patent creates a reliable, anonymous global identifier, enabling persistent global tracking and classification of malicious mobile and web devices and activities on the Internet, regardless of how underlying attributes change.

“Cybercriminals are learning to disguise themselves online in the same way thieves wear gloves to mask fingerprints at a crime scene,” said Alisdair Faulkner, chief products officer, ThreatMetrix. “As cyberattacks become more sophisticated, we must evolve our defenses even faster to best detect and keep out cybercriminals, which is where this patented technology comes into play. Without the ThreatMetrix Fuzzy GUID patent, companies lose sight of both good customers and criminals when they change their IP Address, delete cookies or change their mobile or browser settings.”

Continuously updating its products in its worldwide fight against hacking, fraud and ID theft, ThreatMetrix has released a number of patents over the years, securing the company’s place as an industry leader in building trust on the Internet. Patents include:

  • U.S. Patent 8,141,148: “Method and System for Tracking Machines on a Network Using Fuzzy GUID Technology” This patent – which provides the basis for the new patent – provides the technology for device identification and global recognition regardless of cookie deletion and copying. This technology is available through ThreatMetrix SmartID™, which utilizes unique device attributes to identify visitors that have wiped cookies, use private browsing or changed IP addresses.
  • U.S. Patent 8,176,178: “Method for Tracking Machines on a Network Using Multivariable Fingerprinting of Passively Available Information” This patent detects fraudsters using proxies or virtual private networks (VPNs) through the most advanced device recognition risk assessment. The technology provides a complete view of each device, taking into account the device’s historical behavior and broader context.

To broaden the reach of the company’s context-based authentication and advanced fraud prevention solutions, in March ThreatMetrix secured $20 million in Series E.

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