Have EMV Terminals? American Express Has a Hundred Simoleons for You.

Posted March 9, 2015

American Express Rolls Out a “Small Merchant EMV Assistance Program” to Help Speed up Adoption of EMV Payments

Have to clear up something for anyone who’s not exactly sure what simoleons are. Okay they’re not a lost tribe of South Sea islanders discovered by Tim Cook using Google Earth who now do their tweeting on iPhones instead of conch shells. Also, they’re not anything you’d top with chipotle sauce – unless you wanted to put your money where your mouth is.

Simoleons are simply bucks, clams, ducats, greenbacks, smackers, i.e., dollars. And, as part of its Small Merchant EMV Assistance Program, American Express will give one hundred of those dollars to any U.S. merchant who’s already adopted EMV terminals. We should mention this is a one time only offer.

In her story on paymentweek.com, Melanie Macinas writes additional facets of American Express’s $10 million campaign to speed up the adoption of EMV payment terminals. The following has been excerpted from her article and edited to fit our format. You may find the full article by clicking on this link.

Educational resources

Small merchants will also receive educational resources on EMV via email, telephone hotline, and website.

EMV ambassadors

American Express Fraud Squad ambassadors will also visit Atlanta, Houston, Miami, and New York City to personally meet with small merchants and discuss with them the advantages of EMV.

Many small merchants still unaware of EMV

[Anré Williams, President, Global Merchant Services, American Express, notes,

“Unfortunately, many small merchants do not know about EMV or what they need to do to take advantage of it. We created the Small Merchant EMV Assistance Program to help them. By providing financial and educational assistance, we hope small merchants more quickly adopt EMV so they can ensure their customers feel safe when shopping at their stores.”



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