Customers, Competitors & Cybercriminals: Three Trends Impacting Merchant Strategies

A new report finds online and mobile merchants were hit with 91 million cyberattacks during Q2 of 2018. This will shape merchant strategies moving forward.

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Rebekah Moody
Posted September 18, 2018
Payment Fraud

Cross-Border Payment Fraud: The Battle of the Bots Goes Global

The fact that a new report finds the first quarter of 2018 saw 210 million cyberattacks worldwide—a 62% jump from the same period last year—may not be that surprising. The fact that there was a record 1 billion bot attacks...

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Sharon Lucero
Posted May 29, 2018

Central and Eastern Europe: A Growing Cybercrime Hub

For the first time ever, Russia has emerged as one of the Top 5 attack originators in the world, according to the Q4 2017 Cybercrime Report from ThreatMetrix. But its former republics and allies could soon give this new cybercrime...

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ThreatMetrix Team
Posted February 8, 2018
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