Digital Identity

Top Trends in Online Lending and Its Digital Identity Imperative

Online lenders face mounting challenges from competition, cybercrime, customer expectations, regulatory compliance and more. But is digital identity the answer?

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Frank Teruel
Posted April 9, 2019
Fraud Prevention

Winning the ‘Identity War’: The Next-Gen Platform for Predictive Fraud & ID Management

Organizations need multiple layers of defense to gain a resolute view of each user and disrupt cyberattacks, before they cause irreparable damage.

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Alisdair Faulkner
Posted November 15, 2018
Digital Identity

Merging Online & Offline Identity Intelligence to Reduce Customer Friction

The future lies in merging digital and physical identity intelligence for the most accurate way to differentiate between customers and fraudsters.

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Daniel Welch
Posted September 27, 2018
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