Fraud Prevention

Fraud Detection Solutions for Sanctions Compliance in APAC

How do C-suite executives in the Asia-Pacific region protect their businesses and ensure international sanctions aren’t being violated?

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Cameron Church
Posted May 15, 2019
Threat Detection

Better Cyberfraud Defense Through Threat Modeling

Threat modeling asks the defender to go beyond normal system design by considering the flow of a system from an attacker’s perspective.

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Maximilian Gebhardt
Posted January 31, 2019
Fraud Prevention

Link Analysis and How it Can be Used to Identify Fraud

Link analysis is a technique to analyze data by creating networks and investigating the relationships between different entities.

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Greg Tam
Posted July 31, 2018
Fraud Prevention

Champion Challenger: Enabling Better Fraud Detection

Champion Challenger enables organizations to track, validate and audit policies. This provides more agility and facilitates better fraud detection.

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Stephen Topliss
Posted July 24, 2018
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