Telco Fraud: Why this Industry is Unique in the Cybercrime Landscape

Simultaneously a target, source, and channel for cyberattacks, telcos face serious challenges in 2019—and trends in other industries may be the key to spotting them.

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Jason Lane-Sellers
Posted January 15, 2019
Fraud Prevention

Digitalization’s Double-Edged Sword: Telcos Face More Fraud in 2019

The accelerating move into digital channels to meet customer demands, the boom in mobile adoption worldwide and the need to fend off new and incumbent competitors, all make digitalization a strategic imperative.

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Jason Lane-Sellers
Posted December 5, 2018
Threat Detection

Tough Call: The Rapidly Escalating Threat of Account Takeover Attacks

Account takeover (ATOs) attacks against mobile telcos are rising sharply as cyberthieves leverage more than 2.5 billion identity credentials.

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Jason Lane-Sellers
Posted August 30, 2018
Data Breach

Data Breach at Major Hong Kong Broadband Provider May Spike ATO Attacks

A recent data breach at one of Hong Kong's largest residential broadband providers has reportedly compromised the personal data of 380,000 customers, amplifying the risk of account takeover (ATO) attacks in the months ahead.

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Alisdair Faulkner
Posted June 12, 2018
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