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A New Model for Building Trust on the Internet

By ThreatMetrix
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The beginning of a new year is often a time of reflection. At ThreatMetrix™, we have a lot to reflect on and look forward to. ThreatMetrix turns seven this year. In Internet- and dog-years alike, that’s a long time.

When we started ThreatMetrix, the online world was a simpler place. While we were developing our advanced device identification technologies in 2007, with proxy piercing and global device identification, Apple announced the iPhone. Amazon launched the Kindle in November of 2007. Those devices and others changed the way that we connect with the world.

We’ve worked hard to keep pace with those changes:

  • Since one size doesn’t fit all, we added customer-configurable rules to our risk analysis.
  • As cybercriminals got better at disguising their identities, we developed ThreatMetrix ExactID™ and ThreatMetrix SmartID™ technologies to look beyond the devices to the people using them.
  • Recognizing that legitimate user devices can be compromised by malware, we became the first advanced device identification technology to integrate malware detection.
  • Because it’s just as important for businesses to allow legitimate customers or employees access to applications as to keep out the false ones, we created ThreatMetrix™ Persona ID and ThreatMetrix™ Trust Tags technologies to help streamline access for trusted visitors.

The Trust Trifecta: Technologies, Processes and Data

Advanced device identification and malware detection were just the first phase in the evolution of the ThreatMetrix solution set. Although we started out as a first line of defense in the fight against fraud, in working with our customers we dove into the broader issues of online trust. In doing so, we have expanded our innovations to include processes for configuring and validating business policies and a global data set of shared intelligence.

For example, the Persona ID technology addresses the broader issue of tracking the behavior of a person online – whether or not you know exactly who that person is. The ThreatMetrix Persona ID approach is both passive and anonymous from the user’s perspective. This type of analysis is only possible by tracking and analyzing online behavior across sites – something we do through the ThreatMetrix™ Global Trust Intelligence Network.

So in addition to innovative technologies, we now have a core set of processes, a massive data set generated and refreshed daily by a global network, and comprehensive data analysis from that data. This combination of technologies, processes and data significant broadens the scope of the ThreatMetrix solution in the online world. We can address broader issues of risk assessment and identity authentication.

ThreatMetrix Today: Building Trust on the Internet

Which brings me to where the company is today, in early 2014. We’ve changed our tagline to reflect our broader purpose: Building Trust on the Internet. We’re building and growing our ThreatMetrix™ Global Trust Intelligence Network, which monitors and scores more than 500 million transactions per month. Our Persona ID and Trust Tag technologies, enhanced with our global network and data, enable a new kind of passive, context-based authentication for all kinds of online sites and applications. And we’re working not only with online banks and retailers, but also enterprises and government agencies to help streamline access for legitimate users and keep out those who don’t belong.

No one can see what twist and turns the Internet will take in the coming years – but building a foundation of trust with employees and customers is an important first step. And that’s where we’re putting all of our efforts from this point forward.

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