A Frictionless Online Buying Experience for Loyal Quakes Fans

The San Jose Earthquakes, affectionately known as the Quakes, are a high-profile American soccer team based in San Jose, California. The Quakes are passionate about giving their fans the best possible game experience, extending from the initial ticket purchase to seat choices and stadium atmosphere. The inclusive, community spirit of the club relies on a ticketing experience that is free from fraud and friction.

The Quakes fan base includes season ticket holders as well as occasional game watchers. Often, the ticket purchase decision is impulsive and fans take the online route as it’s convenient and offers great deals.

The challenge in such situation is to offer a frictionless buying experience while ensuring safety and preventing fraud.

ThreatMetrix allows the Quakes to confidently secure their ticket purchasing platform by accurately identifying high-risk or fraudulent behavior in real time. Fans enjoy a better online buying experience and are not subjected to friction at a time when they are eager to get their hands on a ticket to the next game.

“Thanks to ThreatMetrix, our fans can focus on the excitement of the next game rather than the process of purchasing a ticket quickly and securely.”

Jared Shawlee, VP Sales & Strategy, San Jose Earthquakes

The Power of Global Shared Intelligence to Authenticate Fans and Detect Fraudulent Transactions in Real Time

The best way to tackle complex, global cybercrime is using the power of a global shared network. The ThreatMetrix Digital Identity Network collects and processes global shared intelligence from millions of daily consumer interactions, including logins, payments and new account applications. Using this information, ThreatMetrix creates a unique digital identity for each user by analyzing the myriad connections between devices, locations and anonymized personal information. Behavior that deviates from this trusted digital identity can be accurately identified in real time, alerting the San Jose Earthquakes to potential fraud. Suspicious behavior can be detected and flagged for review, step-up authentication or rejection before a transaction is processed, creating a frictionless experience for the Quakes’ trusted fan base.

“The accuracy and global reach of ThreatMetrix Digital Identity data gives us the confidence to know that our transactions are coming from legitimate fans and not fraudsters.”

Jared Shawlee, VP Sales & Strategy, San Jose Earthquakes

“Friction on our ticketing platform would create huge problems for us. The enthusiasm of our fan base relies on fast and easy access to tickets whenever and wherever they logon. ThreatMetrix gives us this invaluable frictionless online experience.”

Jared Shawlee, VP Sales & Strategy, San Jose Earthquakes

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