ThreatMetrix Champion Challenger

The digital landscape continues to transform as new trends take shape, new markets emerge, and new technologies develop, yielding numerous options for consumers in terms of how they shop and pay for goods and services, open accounts, view transactions, and update information. Consumer behavior is more complex and multifaceted than ever, meandering across locations, devices, and geographies, but so too is the behavior of fraudsters – who have grown more sophisticated in their attacks and efforts to evade detection. Businesses need a solution that enables them to remain agile and adapt to changes in consumer behavior as well as the shifting tactics employed by cybercriminals.

The ThreatMetrix Dynamic Decision Platform gives businesses the ability to create policies to evaluate risk associated with logins, payments, new account creations, and other transaction events. Maintaining relevant and effective policies is a crucial component of fraud detection. Cybercriminals are relentless in their efforts to uncover and exploit weaknesses in business operations, resulting in constantly shifting fraud patterns. Risk analysts and policy editors are tasked with the challenge of creating and modifying policies that effectively differentiate fraudulent behavior from legitimate customer behavior across an ever-evolving digital landscape.

Experiment without Fearing Consequence

Policy editors often have little evidence to know in advance whether policy changes will enhance or diminish fraud detection. ThreatMetrix Champion Challenger removes speculation and risk associated with policy changes by enabling policy editors to test the effectiveness of new capabilities and understand the impact of policy changes before deploying them into an active environment.

The policy clone feature enables policy editors to duplicate an existing policy, make edits and save a modified challenger policy as a draft. The challenger policy (test policy) can be deployed in parallel without effecting the champion policy (live policy). Both policies are executed simultaneously on the same events and can be compared for efficacy. If performance on a challenger policy demonstrates improved fraud detection, it can easily be promoted to a champion policy. If elected, the Maker-Checker approval workflow process can be followed to promote the challenger policy to a champion policy, ensuring that policy changes are tracked, validated and audited.

Once promoted, the challenger policy will replace the current champion policy – replacing all policy configuration including rules, variables, and thresholds.

With ThreatMetrix Champion Challenger, policy editors are able to determine the effectiveness of policy changes and freely fine tune policies to keep pace with changes in consumer behavior and to stay ahead of emerging fraud patterns.

Champion Policy:

The current policy that is “live/active” in production and being used to actively decision events

Challenger Policy:

The alternative “test” policy that runs in parallel in production with the champion policy

Both policies are executed simultaneously on the same events

A champion policy can have one linked challenger policy at a time. Policy performance improves over time as better performing challenger policies are promoted to the champion or live policy.

Champion Challenger Features

  • Improve fraud detection: Optimize policies to stay ahead of emerging fraud patterns
  • Eliminate risk: Enables policy editors to experiment with policy changes before deploying into the active environment
  • Evaluate results: Both the champion policy and its linked challenger policy are executed simultaneously on the same events, enabling policy editors to compare policy performance results including policy scores, risk ratings, and reason codes
  • Swap policies: If a challenger policy performs better than a champion policy, the challenger policy can easily be promoted to the champion policy

Personalizing the ThreatMetrix Solution to Your Business

ThreatMetrix offers a powerful policy engine allowing customization that helps businesses incorporate their own processes and tolerance for risk. This allows organizations to fine tune and automate responses to online transactions for agility, simplicity and efficiency.

ThreatMetrix Advantage

  • An Unparalleled Network: The ThreatMetrix Digital Identity Network protects 1.4 billion unique online accounts using intelligence harnessed from 2 billion monthly transactions.
  • Rising Recognition Rates: Over 90% of returning users are recognized without friction.
  • An Integrated Approach to Authentication: Flexibly incorporate real-time event and session data, third-party signals and global intelligence into a single Authentication Decision Platform to deliver a consistent and low-friction experience with reduced challenge rates.
  • A Clear-box Approach to Behavioral Analytics and Machine Learning: ThreatMetrix Smart Analytics generates dynamic profiles matched to individual user behavior and use these to build more accurate, yet simpler, risk models. The result is a competitive edge in customer experience with reduced false positives, whilst maintaining the lowest possible fraud levels.
  • Integrated Forensics, Case Management and Business Intelligence for improved productivity.

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