The growing number of web-enabled devices, most without updated virus or malware protection, represents low-hanging fruit for cybercriminals looking for financial gain. Online businesses need to support their customers using a variety of devices including mobile devices and smartphones, but must protect the integrity of their interactions to prevent costly attacks, data breaches and fraud.

ThreatMetrix Web gives businesses and consumers a new defense against cybercrime, protecting customer data and defending against fraud, malware and data breaches. Working transparently to the user, it protects online transactions from a wide range of threats, including Trojan and man-in-the-browser (MitB) attacks. It helps businesses detect and prevent fraud from compromised devices or accounts. Importantly, it works with a wide range of devices, including laptops and notebooks, tablets and smartphones.

Using ThreatMetrix Web, online businesses can:

  • Instantly determine whether they are targeted by any MitB Trojan and if the customer is being targeted by a phishing attack
  • Manage online security threats from many types of web-enabled devices
  • Protect customer data from identity theft or insecure transactions
  • Reduce costs of fraudulent transactions and data breaches
  • Make existing fraud prevention efforts more efficient and effective

How It Works

ThreatMetrix Web uses a unique combination of web page fingerprinting and tagless device identification technology to protect businesses from malware:

  • Web page fingerprinting: ThreatMetrix Web can identify whether web page elements have been altered by cybercriminals, suggesting a MitB attack or a targeted Trojan. This also works for non-visual elements such as JavaScript. ThreatMetrix Web records the referrer URL to detect phishing attempts, and redirects from malicious websites.
  • Device identification: Tagless device identification creates device ‘fingerprint’ information without cookies, and without storing anything on the device. ThreatMetrix Web also determines if a device is trying to hide behind proxies, VPN servers and masking its true identity and location.

All of this happens transparently to the user, without requiring any downloads or cookies. As a completely clientless solution, it works with many web-enabled devices, including tablets and smartphones.

On the back end, the information discovered can be integrated with broader fraud, risk, compliance and other systems. And when integrated with the ThreatMetrix Cybercrime Defender Platform, ThreatMetrix Web adds another layer of intelligence for comprehensive defenses against malware and data breaches.

Protecting Your Business From Malware, Fraud and Data Breaches

ThreatMetrix Web’s clientless technology protects the transaction between the device and your site. Its unique combination of web fingerprinting and tagless device identification technologies can:

  • Instantly detect new Trojans targeting your organization
  • Detect devices compromised by crimeware
  • Detect if your customers are the victims of phishing attempts
  • Spot and defeat MitB attacks
  • Identify accounts being used for money laundering or mule activities
  • Help detect fraudulent online account applications or registrations

By integrating the information from ThreatMetrix Web into existing fraud prevention and data security measures, organizations can reduce risk exposure from fraud while securing customer data. ThreatMetrix provides a layered approach to effectively identify up to 95 percent of returning customers, reducing friction and fraud.

The ThreatMetrix Digital Identity Network

This network underpins the ThreatMetrix Cybercrime Protection Platform and leverages global shared intelligence from millions of daily consumer interactions including logins, payments and new account originations. Using this information, ThreatMetrix stitches together a customer’s true digital identity by analyzing the myriad connections between devices, locations and anonymized personal information.

Defining User Identity and Behavior Patterns to Identify Threats

Digital Identities within the ThreatMetrix Digital Identity Network show a pattern of trusted behavior by incorporating anonymized non-regulated personal information such as user name, password and email address with device identifiers, connection and location characteristics. At the same time ThreatMetrix profiles all devices accessing a website (desktops, laptops, smartphones, or tablets), to identify the presence of malware or other anomalies that might indicate a high-risk login attempt. High-risk anomalies can be easily identified and flagged for review or automatic rejection.

ThreatMetrix Web gives businesses and consumers a new defense against cybercrime, protecting customer data and defending against fraud, malware and data breaches.

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