dynamic decision platform

Key Features

  • Comprehensive orchestration capabilities to streamline fraud decisioning
  • Core Smart Analytics component that combines advanced behavioral analytics with a clear-box approach to machine learning, to more accurately detect current and future fraud
  • Fully integrated, pre-packaged third-party solutions for additional authentication and identity verification for high-risk/additional assurance transactions
  • Straightforward integration of legacy and third party data feeds to preserve existing and future investments
  • State-of-the-art case management for continuous and dynamic optimization of fraud decisions

Securing the Future of Digital Businesses With a Dynamic, Integrated Platform

As organizations continue to navigate the path of digital transformation, a consolidated view of the user across all digital touchpoints, and across their lifecycle, remains a key strategic imperative. This relies on leveraging advanced digital identity intelligence, but crucially, the ability to operationalize this intelligence and integrate it with new and legacy data feeds.

At the same time cybercriminals are constantly trying to infiltrate online platforms, duping businesses into trusting the authenticity of stolen identity credentials, with account takeover attempts purporting to be from a legitimate user and fraudulent new account applications appearing wholly convincing.

Accurately authenticating trusted users, detecting fraudsters in real time and predicting high-risk behavioral patterns with pinpoint accuracy is critical to supporting the ongoing development of global digital businesses.

The ThreatMetrix Dynamic Decision Platform addresses the key challenges in authentication and dynamic fraud prevention: the continuous and evolving need to dynamically integrate the most relevant and up-to-date intelligence with legacy security solutions to prevent and better predict fraud.

More Accurate Fraud Decisioning

The ThreatMetrix Dynamic Decision Platform enables businesses to leverage shared intelligence from The Network to make real-time digital decisions. This reduces step-up challenges for trusted customers, supporting a frictionless online experience. Transactions that flag as high-risk or require additional assurance can be accurately routed to the appropriate authentication or identity verification service. This is facilitated via the following key functions:

  • Smart Analytics: Leveraging business rules, real-time behavior analytics and machine learning capabilities to identify complex fraud patterns with high accuracy.
  • Integration and Orchestration: Extends the capabilities of the core ThreatMetrix platform to include third party and custom services. Integration Hub can facilitate plug and play of multi-factor authentication, biometric, Carrier ID and identity verification services with minimal IT support.
  • Case Management: Enabling continuous optimization of authentication and fraud decisions with visualization, data correlation and exception handling. Case management has the functionality to support single and multiple events per case, providing a flexible common platform for both fraud and security analysts to investigate and track high-risk events. This can also integrate analyst feedback and third party systems (via an API call) for additional feedback as required, improving future fraud decisions.


  • Tailor authentication services to the user based on what kind of transaction they are performing, what device they are using and their associated level of trust or risk.
  • Streamline online experience for trusted users by reducing unnecessary step-up authentication, challenging only genuinely high-risk transactions.
  • Lower operational costs by reducing requirement for multi-factor authentication.
  • Reduce hardware costs associated with separate tokens or biometric readers by leveraging existing user device capabilities for SMS and biometric authentication.
  • Straightforward configuration with minimal requirement for IT support/code-based changes.

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