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Advancements in technology and infrastructure have enabled merchants to leverage online channels to target global consumers.

This has given rise to a borderless economy leading to significant growth in online transactions. To serve these merchants, payment processors are delivering differentiated services to enhance consumer experience across the buying journey. Keys to success for payment processors includes driving revenue while reducing friction and risk for merchants.

More and more transactions are processed online, and merchants continue to adopt new revenue channels. The increasing use of online channels is translating into additional avenues for cybercriminals to exploit the growing ecosystem. Furthermore, the continued adoption of new technologies, such as EMV and biometrics in the card present world, has shifted cybercriminal attacks toward online channels.

Payment processors need to empower merchants to safely accept more transactions, defend against chargebacks and compliance violations, and improve screening of merchant applications.

ThreatMetrix Solution for Payment Processor

ThreatMetrix passively verifies transactions in real time, removing friction from a trusted consumer’s buying experience. The solution helps detect and prevent online fraud while remaining agile and responsive to consumers and merchants. ThreatMetrix can drive additional revenue and reduce risk by:

  • Enabling merchants to safely accept more transactions and enter new markets
    • Consumers expect smooth, efficient service, and dislike unnecessary steps in verifying their identity. Tight fraud controls provide a less-than-desirable online shopping experience that leads to higher abandonment rates, which hamper sales. ThreatMetrix reduces friction by transparently analyzing consumers’ identity, location, device and behavior data provided by the Digital Identity Network. ThreatMetrix incorporates global shared intelligence to verify users even when they execute cross-border transactions from different devices or locations.
  • Protecting against chargebacks and compliance violations
    • With new techniques for stealing credit card and identity information, defending against fraud has never been more challenging. ThreatMetrix helps lower chargebacks by detecting the use of stolen payment cards and cybercriminal activities. The solution identifies behavioral and device mismatches behind stolen credit cards, such as a mismatched location or one device with many credit cards. ThreatMetrix can also reduce compliance risk by supporting regulatory requirements for cross-border transactions and identifying illicit or location-sanctioned transactions.
  • Improved vetting of merchant applications
    • Cybercriminals can create full and convincing merchant accounts using stolen pieces of information that often pass checks. ThreatMetrix helps understand the legitimacy behind a merchant application, improving real-time intelligence at the point of application and more accurately detecting potential fraud. ThreatMetrix can detect stolen merchant information used for opening accounts, identify a single device creating many accounts and filter out registrations from known malicious devices.

Supporting Long-Term Success

With an effective fraud management platform, payment providers can grow revenue by enabling merchants to accept more transactions, reduce chargebacks, and on-boarding more legitimate merchants. Every digital business faces different exposure to fraud risk. With ThreatMetrix, payment providers can tailor the solution to meet varying and evolving fraud and security needs.

“The size and scale of the ThreatMetrix Network matches our customers’ demands for accurate global digital and threat intelligence.”


The ThreatMetrix Advantage

  • Digital Identity Intelligence: ThreatMetrix enables multi-channel real-time risk assessment with continuous updates to digital identity profiles via device pro ling, cybersecurity threat intelligence, identity data and location data.
  • Up-To-Date Global Insight: ThreatMetrix Digital Identity Network analyzes billions of transactions in real time across billions of devices for thousands of digital business worldwide. The Network provides shared intelligence that delivers the true digital identity of the user.
  • Compliance Requirements: ThreatMetrix supports the payment services directive (PSD2) that requires Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) for cross-border transactions and OFAC violations via location spoofing, and offers risk-based authentication to better identify good customers.
  • Integration with third-party services: Allows orchestration of multiple layers of integrated authentication services for comprehensive risk management.
  • Smart Analytics: ThreatMetrix behavioral analytics enables more precise context-based analysis to better differentiate good customers from fraudsters.
  • Decision Management: ThreatMetrix provides full decision management capabilities that optimize authentication and fraud decisions with visualization, data correlation and exception handling. The solution monitors, updates and isolates transactions that require additional review for a more integrated way to handle increasingly complex caseloads with shrinking resources.

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