Recognize Trusted Visitors and Spot Cybercriminals

ThreatMetrix digital identity solutions prevent fraud, detect threats, and enable frictionless authentication

Powerful Yet Elegantly Simple Digital Identity Solutions

Today, every business is a digital business and each one requires a good cybersecurity strategy. Many operate across geographic regions and increasingly around the globe. But in a 24 x 7 digital world, differentiating between good customers and cybercriminals is a major challenge. Unrestrained by national borders, cybercriminals are growing more sophisticated and unpredictable. As a result, the number of data breaches has grown 594% in just the last few years—at a cost of over $400 billion worldwide.

ThreatMetrix digital identity solutions solve these challenges. Our cross-device and channel solutions detect and defend against cyber attacks by using global shared intelligence from millions of daily transactions processed by the ThreatMetrix Digital Identity Network®. Together, these solutions provide businesses with the real time protection they need in a global, connected world.

Fraud Prevention

Detecting the full spectrum of potential fraud attacks in real time, from automated bot attacks, Remote Access Trojans (RATs) and malware to the use of stolen or spoofed identities and session hijacking, all while minimizing friction for trusted users.


Recognizing returning customers using intelligent authentication based on trusted digital identities. This accurately identifies suspicious or high risk transactions that deviate from normal patterns of behavior.

Threat Detection

Harnessing point-in-time detection of fraud attacks, then combining it with global threat information of known fraudsters and botnet attacks. Key benefits include an improved customer experience, reduced friction, revenue gain, and lower fraud and operational costs.

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