ThreatMetrix uses dynamic intelligence that can’t be faked or stolen to recognize legitimate customers so you can welcome them with open arms.

ThreatMetrix behavioral analytics and machine learning capabilities leverage real-time global shared intelligence to model complex user behavior, stopping fraudsters in their tracks and delivering an elegant throughout the customer journey.

ThreatMetrix provides a strong customer authentication framework enabling rapid innovation of digital products that are compliant with even the most stringent payment and open banking regulations.

ThreatMetrix authenticates most users passively and invisibly, but when extra assurance is necessary, secure push notifications using device biometrics simplify the authentication flow.


Determining the risk around an identity in today's world requires us to understand not just the physical identity of an individual; it's also critically important to understand their digital identity. So when you pull these two pieces together, now you can get a much more holistic picture of an individual.

—Kim Sutherland, Sr. Director of Fraud and Identity Management Strategy, LexisNexis Risk Solutions

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