ThreatMetrix® provides strong customer authentication and performs a detailed threat and risk assessment of the mobile device and applications loaded on it.

ThreatMetrix secures mobile transactions from malware, trojans and bots, and prevents fake mobile traffic from entering your business.

ThreatMetrix recognizes 95 percent of your returning visitors and helps drive customer acquisition through an elegant, frictionless mobile experience.

ThreatMetrix captures more than 500 dynamic transaction attributes across web and mobile channels to provide an unprecedented 360-degree view of customer interaction history.


We use two-factor authentication with a physical token for our Internet banking customers, which gave us confidence that we were interacting with legitimate clients online. We also wanted to assure our clients’ online sessions were protected to a higher degree, which is why we turned to ThreatMetrix. Since we started, we’ve seen client uptake to over 80 percent.

—Alister Bennett, Head of Product Management and Development, Rabobank Australia and New Zealand

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