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Online Retail Warned of 1 Million Cyber Attacks a Day

Fraudsters will launch nearly one million cyber attacks a day on UK online retailers during a key shopping week in the run-up to Christmas. Analysts believe criminals will focus on buying consumer electronics including games consoles and mobile technology as the number of internet shoppers surges over so-called Black Friday and Cyber Monday. read more

Attacks Hike? New Cybercrime Report Shows 40 Percent Increase for Merchants, Financial Institutions

Security Intelligence
Cybercrime is on the rise. While this isn’t shocking news, the recent Q3 2016 ThreatMetrix study found that even during the traditionally slow third quarter, both financial companies and merchants were dealing with more attacks than ever, Help Net Security reported. read more

Technology Influencer in Chief: 5 Steps to Success for Today’s CMOs

Being a CMO is an exhilarating experience – it’s a lot like running a triathlon and then following it with a base jump. Not only do you play an active role in building a company and brand, but the decisions you make have direct impact on the company’s business outcomes for years to follow. read more

Hackers Trade Identity Data Like Baseball Cards

With major data breaches on the rise, it’s no surprise cybercriminals have access to more than enough compromised data. From a person’s payment information to their mother’s maiden name, hackers have everything they need to pose a legitimate customers and keep perpetrating fraud. In this week’s Hacker Tracker, we look at how identity information has... read more

Merchants and Financial Institutions Deal With Escalating Cyber Attacks

IT Security Guru
Unsurprisingly, the Q3 2016 ThreatMetrix report shows a sharp increase in the number and complexity of cyber attacks. During what is traditionally a slow quarter, researchers analyzed nearly 5 billion transactions, and stopped approximately 130 million attacks in real time – a 40 percent increase over 2015. read more

Mobile Transactions & Cybercrime Climb for Credit Unions

Credit Union Times
Mobile transactions represent more than half of financial services exchanges and e-commerce businesses must strike an effective balance between protecting their platform and minimizing customer friction as we head into the holiday season. Those are among the findings according to San Jose, Calif. based digital identity firm ThreatMetrix’s Q3 Cybercrime Report, based on actual cybercrime... read more

Identity Data Is the Critical Currency for Cyber-attacks

The Paypers
ThreatMetrix, a company specialized in digital identity, has released its Q3 2016 Cybercrime Report showing a great increase in the number and complexity of cyber-attacks. Key findings reveal that mobile transactions grew almost 50 % since 2015 to represent 43 % of total network traffic. Cross-border transactions are also on the rise, representing one in... read more

ThreatMetrix Report Reveals Interesting Data

Bankless Times
A new report released by cybercrime prevention company ThreatMetrix suggests most online activity is on the rise, whether that be of the positive or negative variety. ThreatMetrix analyzed nearly five billion third quarter transactions, stopping 130 million attacks in real time. That is close to a 40 percent YOY increase. Mobile transactions rose nearly 50... read more

With a Sharp Rise Already in Online Fraud Attacks, Look for a Worrisome Holiday Season

Digital Transactions
If the payments industry is expecting a sharp rise in online fraud, it can stop holding its breath. It’s already happening, and with the official holiday-shopping season getting under way, it’s going to get a lot worse. Yet, just as attacks are growing more numerous, funding for firms that combat online fraud is slowing down. read more

Password Not Accepted: Are Biometric Checks the Answer?

The Guardian
In a recent survey of European workers using IT in their jobs, it was suggested that they spend about 36 minutes a day on “login events”. A number that prompts the thought: they must have got lucky. Over the past decade or two of our digital lives, each of us has built up an average... read more
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