Cybercrime continues to evolve and morph with every passing data breach, as stolen identity data becomes the lifeblood of what is now a global, well organized industry. At the same time, consumers expect the companies they transact with to keep their personal information safe, meaning businesses walk a tightrope between effective fraud control and exceptional customer experience.

ThreatMetrix has a unique vantage point to analyze global and regional evolution of cybercrime across over 9+ billion quarterly transactions (Q1 2018), 210 million attacks and a billion bot attacks.

Webinar will provide:

  • Trends and new patterns of fraud as seen in the Q1 2018 ThreatMetrix Cybercrime Report
  • Deep dive into the increase in attacks on the eCommerce industry
  • Evolving mobile trends in transaction volumes, penetration and attack patterns

Presented by:

Rebekah Moody
Director, Product Management

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