Millions Spend a Billion-a-Day in UK

Jul 14 Millions Spend a Billion-a-Day in UK


BBA Report Has Brits Spending Close to £1 Billion (1.5 billion USD) per Day Using Mobile and Online Devices

The accounting firm, EY, and British Bankers Association (BBA) report, “The Way We Bank Now: It’s in Your Hands,” (link to report) notes that millions of UK customers use contactless cards (pocket-sized cards with embedded chips for processing and storing data), payment by mobile and SMS balance alerts. And, this year, in the UK, more than 15,000 people each day will be downloading banking apps.

Highlights from the report:

  • Internet and mobile banking is now used for transactions worth £6.4 billion (11 billion USD approximately) a week – up from £5.8 billion (9.9 billion USD approximately) last year.
  • Banking apps for mobiles and tablets have now been downloaded more than 14.7 million times – a 2.3 million rise since January at a rate of around 15,000 per day in 2014.
  • Internet banking services typically receive 7 million log-ins a day
  • Spending on contactless cards is expected to rise to £6.1 million (10 million USD approx.) a week this year – up from £3.2 million (55 million USD approximately) in 2013.


“This report shows just how enthusiastically the British public is embracing mobile banking, contactless cards and a range of other consumer-friendly banking technologies,” said Anthony Browne, chief executive of the BBA.

“This study shows that banks have, are and will continue to compete against one another to offer customers innovative technology. It’s a revolution putting more power in your hands.”

Mobile on the move

In his article on (link to article), Michael Moore cites Juniper Research’s prediction that more than 1.75 billion mobile phone users will be using their devices for banking by the end of 2019 compared to 800 million this year, and that countries like India and China will be driving this growth over the next several years.

Juniper Research’s Nitin Bhas, who wrote the report says, “The level of maturity in number and innovation of services being offered in the market across several geographical areas demonstrates that banks now regard the mobile channel as an indispensable revenue-stream.”

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