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Plan, train, and tune. Choose implementation and consultation options created just for your business—large or small, new customer or longtime partner.

New Small and Medium-Sized Customers

Contracts for all small and medium-sized customers include two service options: Implementation and rules tuning.


This is an eight-hour engagement where a ThreatMetrix™ services engineer is assigned to work with the customer’s development team to insure an accurate and timely integration. ThreatMetrix will consult with the customer’s developers to help them understand the ThreatMetrix API and format, and meaning of returned values.

Key milestones include:

  • Kick-off meeting with the development team
  • Identify key data elements customers can pass in session-query calls
  • Inspect integration in customer’s test environment (or via an alternative method if requested by the customer)
  • Review integration in customer’s production environment to insure a good deployment by looking at key metrics (% device id, % flash_guid, etc.)

Rules Training

This is an eight-hour engagement with the customer business owner combining ThreatMetrix product training with basic rules customization. Rules customization is limited to modifying weights and changing thresholds of default rules. Some not applicable or redundant rules may also be disabled during the tuning exercise.

Key milestones include:

  • Web meeting to review the customer’s fraud issues, portal, data warehouse and rules
  • Document recommending rules changes sent to the customer
  • Recommended rules changes implemented (ideally during a web meeting along with the business owner)


New large customers or customers that have an application that is outside of the ThreatMetrix standard uses will require a custom engagement.

Key milestones include:

  • Definition of integration points between ThreatMetrix and the customer’s website/application
  • Definition of key rules applicable to the customer based on their particular fraud scenarios and application
  • Implementation of solution and rules

Key Account Management

Large accounts will need ongoing status calls at a weekly or monthly interval. These status calls will help identify any impediments to deployment and help insure that customers are realizing the maximum value from their ThreatMetrix solution.

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