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ThreatMetrix Open Intel

Industry-first capability to orchestrate ThreatMetrix and third-party fraud and authentication decisions across the enterprise

Enterprises have invested in endpoint security solutions to defend against malware, online fraud and malicious intent. Many of these are single purpose products optimized to detect a specific threat vector and typically for either web or mobile channels, but not both.

ThreatMetrix Open Intel incorporates intelligence signals from these third-party solutions into the ThreatMetrix platform providing customers a unified decision framework to better orchestrate fraud prevention and authentication across the enterprise.
Through Open Intel, ThreatMetrix customers are able to preserve their existing and future investments in third-party threat intelligence tools while accessing the ThreatMetrix Digital Identity Network® – the world’s largest global shared intelligence network used to combat cybercrime


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“While the industry agrees that a multi-layered approach to security is essential, the real challenge is orchestrating those layers to drive better decisions and take appropriate action. Open Intel provides our customers with a framework for building custom integrations of external signals and third-party vendor data solutions onto the ThreatMetrix Digital Intelligence and Smart Analytics platform.”   – Alisdair Faulkner, Chief Products Officer.


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