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Hot Shot Media Protects the Integrity of Their Online Games, Contests and Brand Using the ThreatMetrix Fraud Network

Posted October 19, 2010

SaaS-based Solution Enables Interactive Casual Gaming Company to Quickly Identify Suspicious Behaviors and Stop Online Fraud

LOS ALTOS, CA – October 20, 2010 – ThreatMetrix™, the fastest-growing provider of fraud prevention solutions that do not require personally identifiable information (PII), today announced that Hot Shot Media, an interactive, casual gaming company that attracts mass participation through the convergence of gaming, photography and social networking, has selected ThreatMetrix to help control online fraud and abuse.

“Our business is creating casual games and contests that revolve around photographs,” said Danny Maco, CEO, Hot Shot Media. “Our products – SnapShot Scholar, Match Game, World’s Best Photo, and FotoVotr – all let members upload photos, incorporate them into games, and share them with others who can then enjoy them. In our business, credibility is critical. Our latest contest, Snapshot Scholar, involves a $10,000 prize. It’s essential that our users have peace of mind knowing that the proper tools are put in place and measures are taken to keep our games and contests fair and equitable. To that end, we make sure that people are adhering to our contest rules and take all appropriate measures to protect the integrity of our contests and our brand. That’s why we turned to ThreatMetrix.”

Most fraud prevention and customer authentication systems use PII to determine whether a customer is legitimate or a fraud. But sophisticated cybercriminals can easily circumvent this challenge, and Web users are increasingly reluctant to share personal information when shopping, sharing and banking online. The ThreatMetrix Fraud Network, which profiles the computer used to create an account or execute a transaction, is popular among security professionals because it doesn’t require the use of PII to assess customer legitimacy. Instead, ThreatMetrix’ unique packet signature analysis technology detects the use of botnets and proxies, and reveals the true location of the device as well as the device’s identity.

Device information is but one data point. To truly assess legitimacy, fraud prevention professionals and e-commerce marketing experts need a more complete picture of the customer. That’s where the ThreatMetrix Fraud Network comes in. The Web-based system utilizes a wide variety of device- and transaction-related data, not including PII, to build a “contextual score” that delivers all the information security pros need to make a thoughtful “go, no-go” decision about a customer. Among the data gathered by the ThreatMetrix Fraud Network is deep intelligence about the device, key transaction details and past behavior, both on-site and globally.

“We selected the ThreatMetrix Fraud Network because it not only provides a robust and sophisticated software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution, it is also quick and easy to implement,” said Maco. “We also like the intuitive user interface as well as the insightful reporting functions. The ThreatMetrix Fraud Network allows us to quickly identify suspicious behaviors that are in violation of contest rules or terms of service. Voting irregularities or attempts to create multiple, fictitious accounts, are typical examples.”

“The ThreatMetrix Fraud Network also stops fraud and protects the integrity of our brand by detecting instances where a user may be using a bot to simulate user activities,” continued Maco. “Whenever we see suspicious activity that’s been brought to light by the ThreatMetrix Fraud Network, we notify the users involved, remind them of our terms and conditions and take appropriate follow-on measures as needed.”

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About Hot Shot Media

Hot Shot Media lives at the convergence of three of the most prolific online phenomena: social networking, photo sharing and social gaming. Hot Shot Media is defining the social photography category with a leading platform, upon which Snapshot Scholar and a wide range of future photographic social games, challenges, sweepstakes and contests are based. The company’s unique approach to social gaming fully leverages and complements key social networks and photo sharing sites. Hot Shot Media has offices in San Francisco, Singapore and Sydney. For more information, visit

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