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Third Annual Cybercrime Prevention Summit Proves There’s “Strength in Numbers” When Battling Sophisticated Cybercriminals

Posted September 19, 2013

ThreatMetrix CEO Reed Taussig Highlights Transformation From Device ID Company to Global Trust Intelligence Network

San Jose, Calif. – September 19, 2013 – ThreatMetrix™, the fastest-growing provider of integrated cybercrime solutions, concluded its third annual ThreatMetrix 2013 Cybercrime Prevention Summit, proving true to its “Strength in Numbers” theme by emphasizing a collective approach to battling sophisticated cybercriminals. The sold out summit brought together more than 250 industry leaders in the fraud and security space during the two-day event held in Lake Tahoe, Calif.

“The third annual summit offered attendees, including ThreatMetrix employees, customers and industry thought leaders, the opportunity to network, learn about cybersecurity industry trends and hear from several prominent speakers,” said Bert Rankin, vice president of marketing, ThreatMetrix. “As cybercrime risks show no signs of slowing down, we have evolved in recent years to protect our growing global customer base through a collective approach to cybercrime prevention. We are making major investments over the next several years to create a true global policy engine that’s processed across ThreatMetrix, and we are sending that value back to the most important members of our team – our customers.”

With the introduction of the ThreatMetrix Digital Identity Network , ThreatMetrix provides its customers with insights into positive and negative behavior and threat intelligence for both devices and online personas. Each month, The Network screens more than 500 million site visitors, across more than 1,900 customers and 9,000 websites and uses predictive analytics to differentiate between good and bad personas.

Previously, ThreatMetrix was primarily a device identification company that served as the first line of defense for positively identifying potential fraudsters attempting to hide their true identity. While device identification is an important piece to any cybersecurity strategy, businesses across industries – including banking, e-commerce, insurance, enterprise, social networks and government – need a collective approach to cybercrime prevention that goes above and beyond device identification. A collective approach includes a comprehensive global trust intelligence network comprised of device identification characteristics, user and persona profiles, past behavior, detected relationships and threat assessments.

Through continued innovation, including the launch of The Network and the ThreatMetrix™ Summer 2013 Release, ThreatMetrix is positioned for sustained growth as it continues to protect its rapidly expanding global customer base from sophisticated cybercriminals.

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