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ThreatMetrix Announces New Advanced Cloud-Based Malware Detection Capabilities

Posted September 27, 2013

New Release Features Detection of Real-Time Malware and Man-in-the-Browser Attacks

San Jose, CA – September 27, 2013 – ThreatMetrix™, the fastest-growing provider of integrated cybercrime prevention solutions, today announces new advanced cloud-based malware detection capabilities as part of the company’s Platform.

Specific new malware detection enhancements include:

• Honeypot-based malware detection techniques

• Next generation patented page fingerprinting techniques to detect man-in-the-browser malware-based attacks

• Real-time transaction scoring based on threat analytics

New innovations ThreatMetrix has developed in the fight against malware use honeypot detection techniques – a trap set to detect unauthorized webpage modification in the browser – to detect malware by utilizing a non-signature based methodology. Importantly, the malware detection is completely cloud-based with zero client footprint so customer protection is universal and deployment effort is minimized.

The honeypot techniques make it appear to the malware that the user is navigating to high value websites commonly targeted by malware. As the malware attempts to attack the user by injecting new forms in the web page, ThreatMetrix detects these changes in real-time. Unlike traditional signature-based malware detection, ThreatMetrix uses whitelisting techniques that ensure protection against current and future malware strains.

ThreatMetrix’s vision is to create the largest, most effective honeypot for malware detection and as a result:

• Honeypot-based malware detection is directly integrated with device identification making it immediately accessible to its 1,900 customers

• Cloud-based malware detection can be instantly delivered to billions of devices that are part of the ThreatMetrix Digital Identity Network.

• Real-time detection provides threat intelligence that is used to assess the risk associated with real-time transactions

Unlike competitive offerings, the TrustDefender Cybercrime Protection Platform can alert a business when a site visitor has a compromised device, and can determine whether the malware is targeting the specific site being visited. This additional threat information will be processed as part of the risk assessment enabling a business to take the appropriate actions to protect against account takeover, payment fraud and identity spoofing.

“ThreatMetrix customers now have the ability to detect new strains of malware in real-time while seamlessly integrating with ThreatMetrix’s advanced device identification capabilities,” said Andreas Baumhof, chief technology officer, ThreatMetrix. “With these new capabilities, ThreatMetrix will provide the largest honeypot for detecting malware via The Network, which screens more than 500 million transactions every month, across more than 1,900 customers and 9,000 websites worldwide.”

Today’s malware detection capabilities announcement follows the recently announced ThreatMetrix™ Summer 2013 Release, an extension to the company’s TrustDefender Cybercrime Protection Platform. The Summer 2013 Release delivers innovative features such as Trust Tags and a global policy engine to combat cybercrime through a comprehensive solution built around The Network. The Summer 2013 release enables businesses to analyze and validate users through Persona ID in real-time to combat sophisticated online cybercrime threats such as payment and money transfer fraud, account takeover, and synthetic identities using both browsers and mobile applications.

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