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ThreatMetrix Announces Open Intel

Posted May 13, 2016

SAN JOSE, California – May 13, 2016

Industry-first capability to orchestrate ThreatMetrix and third-party fraud and authentication decisions across the enterprise
ThreatMetrix®, The Digital Identity Company™, today announced ThreatMetrix Open Intel, a new capability to incorporate third-party intelligence signals into the ThreatMetrix platform to orchestrate fraud prevention and authentication across the enterprise.  Through Open Intel, ThreatMetrix customers can preserve their legacy and future investments in third-party threat intelligence tools to complement native ThreatMetrix intelligence into a unified decision framework.  Open Intel builds on the ThreatMetrix Smart Analytics platform, a powerful machine learning and behavioral analytics foundation that supports the world’s largest Digital Identity Network.
In recent years, customers have invested in endpoint security solutions – including solutions from ThreatMetrix — to defend against malware, online fraud and malicious intent. However, many of these single-purpose products are optimized to detect a specific threat vector and typically for either web or mobile channels, but not both.  For example, there are single-purpose products for bot detection, malware detection, proxy and VPN detection, device recognition, mobile security and still more for newer attacks like remote desktop trojans.  While ThreatMetrix has established its own integrated threat and device intelligence capabilities, the bigger opportunity is in helping customers orchestrate these detection signals into a cohesive decision framework.
Examples of third-party endpoint security solutions include:

  • Identity: identity verification solutions from Equifax and Experian
  • Threat: threat intelligence from Trusteer (IBM) and RSA Web Threat Detection
  • Device: device identification feeds from iovation and 41st Parameter (Experian)
  • Behavior: keystroke analytics intelligence from BehavioSec and BioCatch

“While the industry agrees that a multi-layered approach to security is essential, the real challenge is orchestrating those layers to drive better decisions and take appropriate action,” said Alisdair Faulkner, chief products officer with ThreatMetrix.  “Open Intel provides our customers with a framework for building custom integrations of external signals and third-party vendor data solutions onto the ThreatMetrix Digital Intelligence and Smart Analytics platform.  This open platform orchestration preserves prior and future data investments and helps our customers make faster, smarter fraud decisions with clear, decisive action.”
With Open Intel, ThreatMetrix addresses a key challenge in dynamic fraud prevention and authentication, the continuous and evolving need to test and integrate new and niche intelligence feeds, signals and authentication methods with legacy solutions.
“ThreatMetrix Open Intel allows our customers to benefit from the scale and breadth of global threat intelligence already built into our Network, with supplementary third-party data in one unique, cost-effective and flexible decision platform,” added Faulkner.
The ThreatMetrix Digital Identity Network – the world’s largest global shared intelligence network used to combat cybercrime – analyzes more than 20 billion annual transactions for 30,000 digital properties across more than 4,000 customers.  Underlying the Network is the ThreatMetrix Digital Identity Graph, which maps the complex and ever-changing associations for billions of identities, communication devices, account credentials, telephone numbers, physical addresses and the businesses with which they interact.
ThreatMetrix is actively evaluating third-party data providers for integration into its Smart Analytics platform through the ThreatMetrix Open Intel capability.  Providers interested in participating in the Open Intel program can submit their interest here or email
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