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ThreatMetrix Combats Cybercrime Threats with a Global Trust-Based Protection Model

Posted September 11, 2013

The Summer 2013 Release Delivers an Innovative Solution to Combat Evolving Cybercrime Threats by Extending Real-Time Analysis Beyond Devices to Online Personas

San Jose, CA – September 11, 2013 – ThreatMetrix™, the fastest-growing provider of integrated cybercrime prevention solutions, today announced the immediate availability of the ThreatMetrix™ Summer 2013 Release, an extension to the company’s Platform. This release delivers innovative features such as Trust Tags, global policy engine and enhanced malware detection to combat cybercrime through a comprehensive solution built around the ThreatMetrix Digital Identity Network. The Summer 2013 release enables businesses to analyze and validate site visitors in real-time to combat sophisticated online cybercrime threats such as payment and money transfer fraud, account takeover and synthetic identities using both browsers and mobile applications.

“Online businesses need to identify in real-time that a visitor’s digital persona is genuine,” said Alisdair Faulkner, chief products officer, ThreatMetrix. “The Summer 2013 Release enables businesses to analyze the digital personas of website visitors – including their previous online behaviors and transactions – before authorizing an online transaction. By doing so, ThreatMetrix further helps businesses reduce friction for legitimate, returning online customers while stopping cybercriminals from coming through businesses’ front doors.”

ThreatMetrix correlates a visitor’s online behaviors and association through the rich data and advanced analytics in The Network – the only global data repository that provides insight into positive and negative behavior and threat intelligence for both online personas and devices using trust-based authentication. Each month, The Network screens more than 500 million site visitors, across more than 1,900 customers and 9,000 websites and uses predictive analytics to differentiate legitimate visitors from fraudsters.

Based on the ThreatMetrix Summer 2013 Release, The Network combats cybercrime using the following:

Detecting device anomalies captures the digital fingerprint of the device including OS, browser and attributes of the network session. Malware detection through page fingerprinting techniques and new detection capabilities using honeypot lures identifies malicious threats on the device.

Persona ID enables business rules to be configured to evaluate expected customer behavior given the risk tolerance for each individual business. Tracking behavior and persona associations with devices on a global basis provides rich context when evaluating each transaction. New features such as persona behavior scoring provide automated scoring of a visitor’s online behavior at a global level across all ThreatMetrix customers. The score can be positive or negative depending upon whether the persona’s past behavior resulted in an accepted transaction or login. Trusted personas that have conducted genuine transactions will be more easily identified minimizing false positives

Validating business policies through assertions and innovative capabilities such as Trust Tags provide the ability to capture unique behavioral characteristics for an online persona and its associated transactions. Businesses now have the ability to measure trust and validate business transactions based on global persona and device data.

Global intelligence allows each individual transaction to be compared across millions of global transactions in real-time. Critical to delivering global intelligence is new features such as global policy engine that provides a framework for delivering out-of-the-box threat and anomaly rules. Using machine learning to drive predictive analytics, ThreatMetrix customers can benefit from new rules based on new fraud patterns detected by ThreatMetrix.

Detailed analysis enables a comprehensive business analytics reporting platform. As part of the release the reporting platform delivers a number of significant capabilities and enhancements including reporting on detailed devices as well as decrypted identity and transaction context; the ability for customers to engage ThreatMetrix Professional Services to create custom reports based on unique requirements; and greater flexibility around scheduling reports and export formats.

“With the introduction of the Summer 2013 Release, ThreatMetrix has effectively evolved from a device identification and malware detection solution to a more powerful, holistic solution to help merchants and FIs combat cybercrime,” said Julie Conroy, research director of Aite Group’s retail banking practice. “Using a trust-based approach to fraud detection helps reduce customer friction and web fraud by identifying the good customers—in this way the bad actors stand out like a sore thumb,” said Conroy.

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