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ThreatMetrix and GlobalOnePay Partner to Enhance Secure Cross-Border eCommerce Payments

Posted January 18, 2018

ThreatMetrix Digital Identity Intelligence bolsters GlobalOnePay core fraud detection and scoring engine

San Jose, CA, January 18, 2018 –  ThreatMetrix®, The Digital Identity Company®, today announced a partnership with GlobalOnePay, a division of Pivotal Payments, to enhance GlobalOnePay’s online fraud detection and scoring engine, Sentinel Defend.

GlobalOnePay, a leader in global payment processing and merchant services, is leveraging the power of the ThreatMetrix Digital Identity Network®, which analyzes 100 million daily transactions, to reduce not only fraud, but also the friction so many customers experience in online commerce. By providing dynamic and real-time intelligence on an individual’s true digital identity, ThreatMetrix helps enable trust in digital interactions and accelerates secure cross-border transactions.

This revolutionary approach using anonymized global shared data enables automatic risk scoring of every transaction and instant authentication of legitimate customers, while stopping cybercriminals armed with stolen identities and scripted bot attacks.

“As global commerce continues to grow, decline rates in cross-border payments remain too high, leaving significant opportunity on the table. The ThreatMetrix Digital Identity Network delivers the intelligence needed to safely accept more orders across markets, even where identity verification is challenging,” said Leah Evanski, vice president of strategic alliances at ThreatMetrix. “We are proud to work with GlobalOnePay, a company that is dedicated to ensuring their customers can safely and easily grow their business globally.”

The partnership with ThreatMetrix will further enhance GlobalOnePay’s omni-channel fraud mitigation solution, Sentinel Digital Fortress (Sentinel DF). Sentinel DF combines technologies for fraud prevention, post-fraud analysis and recovery, plus a team dedicated to customized fraud and chargeback management.

“Our merchants expect the highest level of card processing security available. This is why we look to the most innovative approaches on the market to ensure we stay one step ahead of emerging fraud patterns, ” said Tedd Huff, GlobalOnePay’s VP of Product. “The global breadth of Sentinel Defend, part of our Sentinel Digital Fortress program, provides intelligence and protection which spans borders, helping our merchants to expand into new markets with confidence and drive additional revenue.”

About ThreatMetrix

ThreatMetrix®, The Digital Identity Company®, empowers the global economy to grow profitably and securely without compromise. With deep insight into 1.4 billion anonymized user identities, ThreatMetrix IDTM delivers the intelligence behind 100 million daily authentication and trust decisions, to differentiate legitimate customers from fraudsters in real time.

ThreatMetrix is recognized as the sole Leader in the 2017 Forrester WaveTM for risk-based authentication. Learn more at 

About GlobalOnePay

GlobalOnePay, a division of Pivotal Payments, is a leading provider of global omni-channel payment processing technologies and merchant services. The company’s modular, scalable, cloud-based platform enables businesses of all sizes to grow faster by accepting a wider range of payments from virtually any market in the world. GlobalOnePay also provides a comprehensive range of merchant services to help businesses increase sales and efficiencies for online, in-store, and mobile purchases. For more information, visit

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