ThreatMetrix® Dynamic Decision Platform® puts digital identity intelligence to work

The market-leading Dynamic Decision Platform provides enhanced authentication, identity verification and fraud decisioning.

Integrating Digital Identity Intelligence with behavioral analytics and machine learning capabilities, the platform also incorporates third-party data sources for exception handling. Case management helps to isolate and investigate transactions that require further review​.

This approach helps overcome operational silos, combining dynamic data with information from legacy systems for optimized decisioning and a better digital experience.


Packaged integration technology services

An orchestration layer integrates with third-party data sources, enabling a customer-centric approach to fraud and risk decisioning.

Integration Hub Solution Brief
Identity Verification Solution Brief
Two-Factor Authentication Solution Brief

Behavioral analytics with machine learning and self-tuning policy rules

Powerful machine learning detects anomalies, identifies complex patterns hidden deep in the data and suggests policy adjustments. Deep expertise in data science delivers statistical analysis and the very best predictive models.

Smart Analytics Solution Brief
Smart Learning Solution Brief
Smart Rules Solution Brief

Visualization tools and workflow orchestration for complex cases

When human interaction is necessary, our visualization and case management tools quickly and efficiently help isolate and investigate transactions, including complex case loads.

Decision Management Portal Solution Brief
Case Management Solution Brief

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