ThreatMetrix provides a full portfolio of Professional Services to expertly guide your team through design, implementation and ongoing optimization of your ThreatMetrix deployment.

Implementation Services

ThreatMetrix offers a team of experts who provide assistance at every step of a customer’s integration of the our solution. Implementation services typically include the following phases: Design, Development, Testing, Go Live and Post-Go Live Support.

  • Design: Includes a discovery process to understand all the functional requirements and a detailed project plan
  • Development: Includes setting up policies for each use case, and providing strategic guidance and technical support.
  • Testing: Includes guidance on how to use the portal to view, analyze and resolve questionable transactions, as well as confirming all other aspects of the implementation are working properly.
  • Go Live: Includes working side-by-side with customers to monitor performance and resolve questionable transactions.
  • Post-Go Live Support: Includes hands-on training to give customers the knowledge and confidence to manage the solution.

High-Touch Services

ThreatMetrix offers proactive services to continuously assess the health of your implementation. These include:

  • Business Reviews: Regular status updates of ongoing activities within an organization’s fraud and risk operation to asses performance over the previous period and identify areas for improvement.
  • Rules Optimization: Analyzing the available truth data to improve fraud capture rates and end-user experience by looking for patterns and indicators of known fraud vectors, and identifying opportunities to minimize false positives.
  • Proactive Health Checks: Assessing the health of the customer’s implementation to help pinpoint and stop fraudulent activity, as well as identify areas for improvement and business growth.

Retained Resources

ThreatMetrix offers customers access to professional service practitioners who can assist with strategy, planning and technical details as they arise. Our pool of available resources includes:

  • Technical Consultants
  • Fraud Data Analysts
  • Data Scientists
  • Subject-Matter Experts

Our expert team works collaboratively with customers to understand business goals, assess the existing infrastructure, and determine where to best deploy ThreatMetrix to achieve optimal business benefit.

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