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First Annapolis Report: The Path to Digital Transformation

ThreatMetrix conducted a sponsored research study in conjunction with First Annapolis, a leading consulting and M&A advisory firm to measure the long-term economic impact of adding unnecessary fraud controls to the consumer digital experience,

Digital Identities: Genuine Security for a Connected World

Understanding the digital DNA of users and their unique online footprint can knit together trusted digital identities that fraudsters can’t fake. With digital identity, fraudulent behavior becomes far easier to detect, as the digital footprint of a fraudster is often markedly different from a trusted user.

How to Defend Against Botnet Attacks

Organized botnet attacks are clever and unforgiving. They are looking for the next easy target, striking not just at an operational level, but at the heart of customer trust. As we march into the age of digital-first businesses, the focus should not simply be about acquiring new customers, or even about keeping the fraudsters out, but actually detecting who the good customers are among the onslaught of automated attacks.

Cybercrime Battle Basics – Online Account, Transaction and Malware Protection

Today’s threat environment requires integrated defenses that work beyond network perimeters to protect transactions and identities.

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Case Studies

Reduce the Requirement for Security Tokens at Login for Lloyds Banking Group

Lloyds Banking Group estimated their fraud losses could peak at around $60 million per year by 2018 if they didn’t stem the tidal wave of fraud attacks. ThreatMetrix is now delivering a 30% sustained reduction in fraud loss by passively authenticating genuine customers in real time.

Netflix Global Expansion Supported by ThreatMetrix

As Netflix expanded into emerging global markets, the risk of fraud also increased. With ThreatMetrix, Netflix was able to leverage global shared intelligence from the Digital Identity Network in order to accurately detect fraudulent new account requests in real time.

uShip Protects Brand Reputation by Reducing Fraud Losses

uShip implemented the ThreatMetrix solution to accurately identify fraudulent and legitimate shipping customers and service providers. This reduced their fraud losses and also preserved their brand reputation.

OFX Fights Global Organized Crime by Enhancing Identity Assessment with ThreatMetrix

The international transfer of funds is an essential tool for global organized crime. OzForex Limited trading as OFX is one of the world’s largest international payment businesses. One such scheme that OFX has helped to uncover and reduce is multi-jurisdiction tax fraud. This involves the theft of personal information for the purposes of making fraudulent tax claims in multiple jurisdictions.

Reduce Fraudulent Credit Agreements by Authenticating Online Identities

As organized fraud attacks continue to grow worldwide, Intrum Justitia’s customers were exposed to greater risk from fraud syndicates and individuals seeking to capitalize on fraudulent credit. Read how they leveraged ThreatMetrix Digital Identity Intelligence to detect fraudulent transactions in real time.

Kabbage Reduces Fraudulent Loan Applications

Kabbage deployed the ThreatMetrix solution to accurately identify fraudsters using stolen credentials during the application process. The advanced solution reduces Kabbage’s fraud losses, safeguards long-term revenues and ensures Kabbage upholds its rapid approval process.

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ThreatMetrix Company Overview

Who is ThreatMetrix and what do we do? ThreatMetrix® is the market-leading cloud solution for authenticating digital personas and transactions on the Internet.

ThreatMetrix Two Factor Authentication Reduce Step-Up Friction and Costs

Digital transactions are inherently anonymous, yet in a post-breach world, how can businesses really trust that the people they are transacting with are who they say they are?

Cloud-Based Defense Against Fraud, Malware and Data Breaches

ThreatMetrix Web is providing businesses and consumers a new defense against cybercrime, protecting customer data and defending against fraud, malware and data breaches.

Botnet Detection

Attackers target organizations where they are most vulnerable by trying to hijack customer and employee accounts using stolen credentials.

Prevent Account Takeover

When customer accounts are compromised by fraudsters, damage is not purely restricted to financial loss. Account takeover can severely impact business reputation growth.

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ThreatMetrix CyberCrime Labs

Cybercrime Report Q1 2016

The ThreatMetrix Q1 2016 Cybercrime Report details the current threat and cybercrime environment as a huge firestorm that keeps feeding itself. Fraud attacks are evolving, and becoming more widespread. Breaches continue to hit the headlines. Part of the fallout of such breaches has been the huge debate around data privacy, with companies taking polar opposite stances. Some companies are trying to wash their hands of customer security, while others are fighting tooth and nail to protect personal data, regardless of the wider social consequences.

Cybercrime Report Q4 2015

The latest ThreatMetrix Cybercrime Report is based on actual cybercrime attacks from October 2015 – December 2015 that were detected during real-time analysis and interdiction of fraudulent online payments, logins and new account applications. In this report, you will learn: - Key market trends in cybercrime - Top countries where attacks originated - The depth of consumer activity in holiday shopping - Top cybercrime attack methods - Types of transactions and attacks made across various industries

Cybercrime Report Q3 2015

The ThreatMetrix quarterly Cybercrime Report is based on actual cybercrime attacks from July 2015 – September 2015 that were detected by the ThreatMetrix Identity Network. The Q3 2015 report highlights how cybercrime and fraud attacks continue to trouble financial services, payment processors, media and online merchants across all transaction types. Digital identities are the new global currency to protect against attacks from fraudsters around the world. As mobile usage continues to grow, this trend is expected to rise. Stopping fraud while protecting our customers is more crucial than ever before.

Cybercrime Report Q2 2015

ThreatMetrix’s quarterly Cybercrime Report is a must read for digital channels and fraud stakeholders around the world. The Q2 2015 report highlights how cybercrime and fraud attacks continue to plague financial institutions, payment processors and online merchants across all transaction types. Mobile device and app proliferation is opening a new frontier of attack vectors originating from countries that may surprise you. Protecting against fraud requires more accurate and up-to-date intelligence than ever before.

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