Case Studies

Get inspired. In this latest series of success stories, learn how we’re helping companies like yours prevent fraud, keep customers, and boost revenues.

Leading Online Lender Reduces Fraudulent Loan Applications by 50%
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Leading Apparel Retailer Slashes Manual Fraud Reviews by 80%
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ThreatMetrix Powers Turkey’s Leading E-Commerce Player
Doğuş Planet ( delivering 100% Fraud Protection
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Badoo Chooses ThreatMetrix for Adaptive, Industry-Leading Fraud Prevention
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Maximum Protection, Minimum Friction: eMerchantPay
Chooses Cybercrime Protection Platform for Integrated Fraud Prevention
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E-commerce leader Slashes Manual Review
Costs by up to 60% with ThreatMetrix
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Global Bank Increases Revenue by 2.5%
and Reduces Fraud Review Rates by 50%
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Multinational Bank Enhances RSA Adaptive Authentication
to Improve Customer Experience and Reduce Call Center Costs.
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Giving Customers Better Protection While Reducing Costs Has Less Fraud and Happier Customers with ThreatMetrix.
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Protecting Brazil’s eMerchants from Insidious Chargeback Losses and Credit Card Fraud
ThreatMetrix Helps allpago Identify Fraudsters and Reduce Fraud Losses. Download in English | German

ThreatMetrix Gives eMerchantPay A Substantial Competitive Advantage
Customers See Diminished Charge Back Ratios and Decreased Fraud.
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Reducing Risk and Increasing Confidence in Internet Banking with TrustDefender™ Client
Rabobank Australia and New Zealand protects their Internet banking channel and mitigates the risk of malware on customer devices. Download in English | German

TrustDefender™ ID and TeleSign Telephone Verification Enable to Eliminate Over $1.5 Million in Annual Fraud
Domain registrar combines device identification and identity verification to reduce illegal domain purchases by 98%. Download in English | German

TrustDefender™ ID Helps Ebates Stop Prevent Fraud for Online Merchant Partners
Ebates protects merchant partners from fraud and stolen credit cards using real-time device identification technology.

TrustDefender™ ID Gives Offerpal Media Visibility into User Account Information and Online Behavior to Stop Fraud
Offerpal Media creates flexible, rules-based fraud prevention using ThreatMetrix device identification.

TrustDefender™ ID Making Online Dating Safe From Scammers For Chellauls
ThreatMetrix finds fraudsters using fake identities on Chellauls’ online dating sites. Uses TrustDefender™ ID to Control Online Fraud and Abuse in Domain Name Registrations streamlines fraud review processes and reduces illegal registrations with real-time device identification.

Pagosonline Uses TrustDefender™ ID to Control Online Fraud and Abuse and to Drive South American Business Expansion
This major payment aggregator reduced credit card fraud chargebacks for its merchants using ThreatMetrix.

BillMyParents Uses TrustDefender™ ID to Stop Fraud While Facilitating and Protecting Teen Online Spending
ThreatMetrix helps BillMyParents protect teens and their parents from online fraud.

TrustDefender™ ID Protects Publishers and Advertisers on Adknowledge’s Super Rewards Monetization Platform
Adknowledge protects virtual currency from real fraud using ThreatMetrix.

Bankstown City Credit Union Increases Member Confidence with TrustDefender
Australia’s Bankstown City Credit Union protects its online banking customers from malware.

TrustDefender™ Client Secures Online Banking for BCU
BCU finds that offering malware protection to customers increases their use of Internet banking.

TrustDefender™ Client Provides Enhanced Online Transaction Security For Orange Credit Union
TrustDefender Client helps this credit union protect its members’ financial transactions from malware.