High-Touch Services provide regular assessments on the performance of an implementation, helping businesses get the most out of their investment. These assessments help fine-tune policies and procedures to meet evolving business requirements and enhance the effectiveness of the solution over time.

High-Touch Services include Business Reviews, Rules Optimization and Proactive Health Checks.

Business Reviews provide regular status updates of ongoing activities within an organization’s fraud and risk operation to assess performance over the previous period and identify areas for improvement. These executive-level reviews address any technical issues and offer insight into upcoming features on the ThreatMetrix roadmap.

Rules Optimization includes an analysis of customer data, policies and fraud performance to highlight any areas for improvement. Our experts provide recommendations for more accurately recognizing legitimate customers and pinpointing fraud. By identifying suspicious patterns and other fraud indicators, our experts can help organizations improve fraud operations while reducing operational costs.

Proactive Health Checks include ongoing assessments of the implementation to help pinpoint and block fraudulent activity, and drive continuous improvement. Our experts review transactions for anomalies and suspicious events, including session replays, unknown sessions, BOT attacks, and signs of organized crime activity. They will also review technical metrics such as daily average API response times, geographic distribution of traffic, proxy types and more to help organizations proactively identify and fix potential issues.

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