ThreatMetrix serves a diverse set of customers across the globe, ranging from innovative startups to multinational enterprises.

For midsize companies, we often tailor a lightweight implementation and training process to have our digital identity solutions up and running in days, not weeks, and to have staff trained to perform iterative policy rule optimization.

For larger or more complex organizations, we can help manage the global rollout, taking regional compliance issues into account and managing content such that global rules can be maintained while preserving the capability for regional customizations.

With our agile methodologies, our customers often have a policy working on day one and then deploy a series of sprints to iteratively improve the results.

Implementation services typically include the following phases: Design, Development, Testing, Go Live and Post-Go Live Support.

The Design phase includes a discovery process to understand all the functional requirements and technical integration needs specific to a business. Our experts provide full documentation of all activities, including a detailed project plan to provide transparent communication between all project stakeholders.

In the Development phase, our experts will set up policies for each use case and provide strategic guidance and technical support. Our experts also provide technical support for SessionID Generation, API Call Creation, API Response Integration and more.

In the Testing phase, our experts provide guidance on how to use the portal to view, analyze and resolve questionable transactions. We also help with contingency planning to identify and remediate exceptions that occur over time.

When ThreatMetrix ID™ goes live, our experts work side-by-side with customers to monitor performance and resolve questionable transactions. This includes such activities as reviewing the profiling API ratio, the effectiveness of enhanced profiling and the API integration response, which evaluates the risk of events and the identity behind them.

Our Post-Go Live Support includes hands-on training to give customers the knowledge and confidence to manage the solution. Our experts provide data analysis sessions to help customers understand how to review the daily volume captured, as well as rules review sessions designed to teach customers about fine-tuning policies to catch evolving threats.

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