The ThreatMetrix® Solutions Engineering team works closely with our customers to understand your business goals, evaluate your security infrastructure, and design a solution that leverages our technology and our extensive expertise in fraud and security. We take the full customer lifecycle view to ensure your integration is optimized to deliver world-class business outcomes. We ensure our solution is in direct alignment with key stakeholders to help you operationalize your ThreatMetrix solution.


Cybercriminals work hard at designing new strategies to attack businesses. Fortunately, your ThreatMetrix solution and support team works harder. Many of our customers utilize continued policy enhancement to augment their risk models with emerging ThreatMetrix features, insight into trends we’re tracking in our global network, and emerging patterns in their own data. This ongoing support provides you with a seasoned, outcomes-focused expert on call, familiar with your data and ready to provide hands-on support.


Technical Account Management allows for a seamless integration between your varied business operations and your ongoing integration with ThreatMetrix products. Technical Account Managers are specialized consultants that are equally comfortable leading digital transformation projects, analyzing complex transactional data, and driving operational changes that result in industry-leading outcomes. ThreatMetrix customers doing critical business on the Internet utilize a Technical Account Manager on an ongoing basis to help them optimize the benefits of the ThreatMetrix solution.

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