Retained Resources provide customers with ready access to professional service practitioners who can assist with strategy, planning and technical details as they arise. Services typically include new feature implementation, emergency response training, and assistance in handling peak loads. They can also include temporary staffing, where our experts are embedded in day-to-day operations working directly within the customer’s organization to improve performance and help achieve business objectives.

Resources available for retained deployments include Technical Consultants, Fraud Data Analysts, Data Scientists, industry Subject-Matter Experts, and more.

Technical Consultants advise, architect, test and troubleshoot customer implementations. Typical areas of focus include desktop and mobile web fingerprinting, RESTful API integration, and escalation- and enforcement-workflow design. Our staff specializes in technical and business process discovery and can help identify project risks, create technical design documents, and create post-deployment test plans. In addition, we help application developers, fraud managers, and business owners improve processes to fight cybercrime and operationalize insights derived from ThreatMetrix digital identity solutions.

Fraud Data Analysts help improve fraud capture rates and the end-user experience by looking for patterns and indicators of known fraud while identifying ways to minimize false positives. Our fraud data analysts manage customer risk policies, leveraging the signals from millions of daily transactions analyzed by the ThreatMetrix Digital Identity Network. Our experts also use offline analyses of customer data to tune rules, reduce false positives, research anomalies, and expose patterns hidden deep within the data. They can also help structure and generate executive and project-level reports on their findings.

Data Scientists can assess and test new policy enhancements to augment and enhance risk models with emerging ThreatMetrix features, including insights on trends detected within the ThreatMetrix Digital Identity Network and emerging patterns identified within a customer’s own data. Our data scientists use algorithm design to create formulas that can extract intelligence from billions of rows of data to strengthen fraud detection capabilities.

Our Subject-Matter Experts have years of experience working with customers in a host of industries, including banking, eCommerce, government, insurance, lending, and payment processing. They provide customers with expert guidance based on proven methodologies honed through successful implementations for others within the same industry.

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