ThreatMetrix® on-demand training, delivered through the ThreatMetrix Learning Center, gives your fraud team access to interactive courses on using the ThreatMetrix platform.

These self-pace courses cover various topics, including navigating the ThreatMetrix Decision Management Portal, interpreting policy results, building new policies using rules, using case management, and more.

Your team can train at any time. Courses are self-paced and each module takes only five to 15 minutes to complete. The Learning Center incorporates simulators to help give you hands-on experience with the product. You also gain access to new courses as soon as they are released.

Start using the Learning Center today to get the most out of your ThreatMetrix investment.


This customized one-day on-site training session is tailored to helping your business optimize how it uses ThreatMetrix. The wide variety of topics will help you gain a deeper understanding of the ThreatMetrix products and services. Topics are selected from integrating ThreatMetrix into your website and mobile applications, data collection, policy and rule evaluation, Decision Management Portal best practices, investigating fraud events, leveraging the Digital Identity Network, creating and managing cases, and more.

These on-site sessions give you the opportunity to interact with ThreatMetrix experts and get answers to your questions.


The ThreatMetrix Training Department can create a custom training plan for your enterprise. We can supplement our existing material with content developed specifically for your workflows, processes, and systems. Training can be delivered via a combination of ThreatMetrix trainers working on-site or via the web, on-demand, or through your own training infrastructure.

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