ThreatMetrix Smart Authentication for account protection and an optimized user experience

ThreatMetrix® Smart Authentication™ combines the frictionless experience of market-leading risk-based authentication (RBA) with strong customer authentication (SCA) in a comprehensive solution.

This approach gives businesses a low-friction authentication option for low-risk, trusted transactions with the option for integrated strong authentication services that can be invoked for a high-risk transaction or when regulations mandate an SCA response.

ThreatMetrix Smart Authentication comprises security for mobile apps, crytographically-backed push notifications and biometrics, as well as leverages the trust of existing devices to avoid repetitive authentication.

Persistent device recognition that sees past spoofing

On the Internet, devices stand in for people. Device analytics focus on recognizing new and returning devices, evaluating device health and understanding behavior across multiple devices.

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Eliminate repetitive authentications

Device binding leverages the trust of existing devices linked to an authorized user to avoid repetitive authentication.

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Secure authentication with reduced friction

MFA Secure Notification sends a push notification the user’s mobile device for low-friction authentication.

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Smarter alternative to static passwords

Biometrics provide a range of low friction, password-free authentication strategies supporting FIDO compliance.

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