Tag: Credit Card Fraud

Sep 08 “Chip”ping Away at One Cybercrime Fraud Increases Another

Card-Not-Present Fraud, Which Accounts for 25 Percent of Cybercrime Fraud Losses, Expected to Grow with U.S. Adoption of Chip Cards The Nilson Report, which provides world news and analysis of the card and mobile payment industries, found in its most recent study that globally in 2014, there was $16.31 billion in losses from all forms of…

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Aug 11 When Is a Credit Card Fraud Deadline Not a Deadline? The EMV Chip.

A Number of Surveys Indicate That Some Merchants Are Taking the EMV Chip Deadline as a Suggestion Accepting the Liability For Credit Card Fraud. October 1 The EMV Chip deadline is coming on fast — ready or not. The answer from many merchants according to several surveys on digitaltransactions.net is NOT! And the negative repercussions…

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