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The World’s Largest Digital Identity Network

ThreatMetrix Digital Identity Network captures millions of daily consumer interactions including logins, payments and new account originations. Fraudulent activities are also captured in detail. All activities are instantaneously analyzed and also available via a Dashboard with embedded case management making it easy to evaluate and mitigate botnet attacks and other activities as they happen. Machine learning automatically detects anomalies and suspicious behavioral patterns.

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Decision Analytics

ThreatMetrix’ powerful and flexible policy engine can be used for detecting fraudulent activities and identifying good customers. This easily customizable policy engine enables organizations to constantly evaluate and verify risk. Customizable business policies can also incorporate acceptable tolerances for risk.

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Forensics and Visualization

ThreatMetrix’ state-of-the-art user interface provides forensics analytics, business intelligence, a complete case management and a flexible workflow system. These visualizations and analytical reports enable security and fraud analysts to understand the activities occurring on their Web applications. These actionable information allow organizations to better manage access, improve security and reduce fraud.

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Case Management and Workflow

ThreatMetrix’ case management and workflow solution offers the ability to monitor, update, isolate and investigate transactions that require further review. This capability enhances an organization’s efficiency and security, and provides a smarter, more integrated way to handle increasingly complex caseloads with shrinking resources. Coupled with the intelligent rules-driven logic within the ThreatMetrix policy engine, organizations can also streamline processing and decision making.

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Machine Learning

The ThreatMetrix platform delivers advanced behavior analytics and machine learning algorithms using behavior and meta-data to accurately prevent unauthorized access. The ThreatMetrix behavioral model is based on the user’s history derived from the ThreatMetrix Digital Identity Network that includes automated detection of user behavior patterns and anomalies. This enables organizations to deliver better user experience by reducing the frequency and severity of step-ups without increasing overall risk.

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Encrypted Intelligence

With billions of transactions analyzed from hundreds of millions of active consumers, data management and security is an integral part of the ThreatMetrix platform. All data in the ThreatMetrix Digital Identity Network is handled with utmost care and is encrypted and anonymized using the latest technology. As such, ThreatMetrix does not store or retain personally identifiable information (PII) data. Sensitive consumer PII information is pre-hashed processed in memory and is stored at rest in machine-readable format using multiple hashing processes.

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Integration Platform

The enterprise integration platform delivers a single interface for organizations to integrate real time ThreatMetrix data with other critical downstream applications. Our flexible platform can be configured to interface with third-party applications as well as the ThreatMetrix Persona DB. Persona DB is an extensible, enterprise-accessible database that enables organizations to privately and securely store and retrieve identity attributes, characteristics, and behaviors associated with users and customers.

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