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CyberCrime Labs is a dedicated research team gaining intelligence into the latest cybercrime and malware targeting financial institutions and e-commerce online businesses.

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How Successful Are Targeted Phishing Attacks? A Real-World Example.

Personal information is being lost everywhere. Some called 2014 the year of the data breaches and 2015 the year of the mega data breaches. At the same time, we spend a lot of time looking at really sophisticated malware attacks, but how successful are phishing attacks in 2015?

Well, it turns out they are very successful by every measure. And phishing attacks are well and truly alive. They are certainly not these horrible looking and poorly worded websites anymore, and sophisticated Trojans such as the Dyre Trojan combine social engineering, sophisticated malware attacks and classical phishing attacks into one hell of an attack.

So what can a fraudster expect in 2015 when running a sophisticated phishing attack? How much personal information are people willing to provide – if convinced properly? How easy is it to enrich the data with other data sources (either public or private)?

This ThreatMetrix Labs report – “How Successful Are Targeted Phishing Attacks? A Real-World Example.” – looks behind the scenes of one such phishing campaign in detail, and the results are shocking.


ThreatMetrix Labs Report

Superfish Adware Malware – A Closer Look

The Superfish adware gained worldwide fame recently when it became public that Lenovo pre-installed this adware on its computers.

Superfish is a malware that injects visual search results (i.e. advertising) into legitimate websites. Technically there is no obvious difference between injecting banking advertisements and injecting banking malware, which is why this incident is so harmful. To make matters worse, Superfish also has a security vulnerability that makes the task for any malware much easier as it enables SSL traffic to be decrypted very easily via the Superfish Certificate Authority (CA).

ThreatMetrix provides a malware infection detection service (honeypot) that allows our customers to detect the presence of malware without any interference with the customer’s journey.


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