Thousands of digital organizations have invested in ThreatMetrix® solutions to help them make millions of trust decisions in real time every day. And our training programs help organizations take full advantage of that investment.

Our training courses provide fraud and security professionals with proven strategies to improve their risk assessment over time and gain clarity into the true identity of visitors to their website. And our experts deliver guidance on integrating forensic tools into an organization’s daily investigative workloads.

ThreatMetrix provides multiple training options, so businesses can choose the path that best fits their specific needs. And our experts will be there right alongside to ensure success.

ThreatMetrix on-demand training, delivered through the ThreatMetrix Learning Center, provides access to interactive courses featuring best practices on how to refine identity assessment and authentication over time.

These self-paced courses cover various topics, including navigating the ThreatMetrix Decision Management Portal, interpreting policy results, building new policy rules, using case management and more. The Learning Center incorporates simulators to give a hands-on experience with the product.

Individuals can train at any time as each module takes only five to 15 minutes to complete. Courses can be revisited as often as required.

On-demand training is sold via an unlimited annual subscription. New content is added frequently to provide businesses ready access to up-to-date training on the latest solution capabilities.

ThreatMetrix instructor-led training is designed to help businesses optimize their use of the ThreatMetrix solution.

These onsite training sessions include a wide variety of topics to help fraud and security professionals gain a deeper understanding of how dynamic digital identities evolve over time, and how to refine processes to identify fraud in its ever-changing forms. Topics include:

  • Integrating ThreatMetrix into a website and mobile applications
  • Data collection
  • Policy and rule evaluation
  • Decision Management Portal best practices
  • Investigating fraud events
  • Leveraging the Digital Identity Network
  • Creating and managing cases
  • And more

These sessions provide the opportunity to interact with and get answers directly from ThreatMetrix experts.

ThreatMetrix custom training provides a learning plan tailored to a  business’s specific needs. The training can be delivered via a combination of ThreatMetrix trainers working onsite or via the web, on-demand, or through a company’s own training infrastructure.

This customization is critical in developing a well-educated team that can help businesses effectively use digital identity to assess and authenticate visitors in real time.

ThreatMetrix custom training helps organizations integrate data from the ThreatMetrix Digital Identity Network and the Decision Management Portal into their daily workflow. ThreatMetrix experts will assess how best to do this and create a custom training program to support that goal. And we can supplement our existing material with content developed specifically for a business’s workflows, processes and systems.

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