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Unified authentication across all customer touchpoints

Global digital businesses are prioritizing mobile-first strategies that cater to the needs of a growing, tech savvy consumer base that demands slick, frictionless access to online goods and services. Yet the threat of cybercrime looms large as fraudsters trade stolen identity data to perpetrate global attacks.

ThreatMetrix gives businesses the ability to genuinely recognize good, returning customers by piecing together their digital identity from the complex digital DNA users create as they transact online. High-risk behavior can be pinpointed in real time, whether at new account applications, logins or payments, reducing friction and unnecessary step-ups.

This is underpinned by dynamic shared intelligence which is crowdsourced from over 5,000 global companies, giving individual organizations the exponential strength of an unrivalled network.

However, market-leading intelligence is only useful if it is actionable, which is why ThreatMetrix takes a holistic approach to fraud and authentication management, helping businesses to prioritize a single view of their customers and prevent operational silos. This is facilitated by the analytics, integration and orchestration and case management functions of the Dynamic Decision Platform and Smart Authentication framework, supporting businesses to make the best trust decisions across the entire customer journey.

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